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Mecca at the time of prophet Abraham and Ismail

Posted by on Dec 10, 2018

The history of the founding of Mecca City cannot be separated from two important figures, namely Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. The city of Mecca, which is now so crowded and...

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Play Water Game by Try Arung Jeram

Posted by on Sep 2, 2018

Arung jeram or also know as a rafting is a ride that being played in a fast flowing river. This ride is can be categorized as a water sport. Arung jeram is not always for sport,...

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Don’t forget these when you paint your wall

Posted by on Nov 20, 2018

If you want wall paint that is easy to clean and resistant to stains, choosing paint with a shiny finish is the right choice. However, the results of the paint that is too shiny...

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The types of common web hosting services

Posted by on Nov 2, 2018

Hosting is likened to mall management. Where there are many shops selling. Well, the mall provides security services and mall locations only. While service users will pay the rent....

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Advantages of Using AGM Technology on Batteries

Advantages of Using AGM Technology on Batteries

Dec 13, 2018

In the electric trolling motors section, there is a driving machine that is able to move the ship’s propeller for a long time. We know it as a battery motor. Motor batteries are increasingly being used, both personally and in the marine industry. For those who use private, usually, use small size with low power and only able to move small boats. While the marine industry usually uses higher power so that it can move ships in large sizes.

The motor battery used in the marine industry is usually a type of battery cycle. This battery is designed to produce stable and long-term energy. Deep cycle battery is one type that is suitable for solar panel systems and the marine industry. The type used is a closed battery, where the physical is protected tightly. From the outside, only positive (+) and negative (-) terminals appear. This type of battery is designed so that the electrolyte liquid does not decrease due to leaking or evaporation. This type of battery has a ventilation valve that is only open at extreme pressure for the disposal of gases resulting from chemical reactions.

Based on its construction, one of the things that are starting to be used is AGM. This type of battery has a separator consisting of fiberglass placed between the cell plates. The purpose of this laying is to absorb electrolyte liquid to be stored in fiberglass pores. The function of fiberglass is like a towel that absorbs water when one end is dipped. This type of battery is in accordance with the solar panel system and the marine industry. AGM provides advantages not easy to heat even when used in loads that require large currents or when repeated with high electric current. In addition, AGM is maintenance free, anti-evaporation, leak-proof and still operating even in very cold weather, even if the case is cracked or broken, it will still operate properly.

Mecca at the time of prophet Abraham and Ismail

Mecca at the time of prophet Abraham and Ismail

Dec 10, 2018

The history of the founding of Mecca City cannot be separated from two important figures, namely Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. The city of Mecca, which is now so crowded and has an important role in the world of Islam, was pioneered by two human choices of Allah SWT umrah ground package . In the meantime, check out the excellent umrah ground package as well.

History writes that the Prophet Ibrahim took his family to Mecca, then by Allah’s order, he and his son left his wife.
Before leaving them Prophet Ibrahim prayed to Allah SWT:

“Yes, our Rabb, I have placed a portion of my descendants in a valley that has no plants near Your house which is respected.

Yes, our rabb is so that they establish prayer, so make the hearts of some people tend to them and give them fortune from fruits, hopefully, they will be grateful. “(Ibrahim: 37)

Then the Prophet Ibrahim left, After being thirsty because of the lack of water, Ismail set foot on the ground. And with His power came the waters of zam-zam.

By chance pass by the tribe of Jurhum who just returned from Sham. When they saw the water, they asked permission from Hajar and Ismail to stay nearby. Finally, Hajar and Ismail stayed with them. So that they are the first inhabitants of the city of Mecca.

A few years later Prophet Ibrahim returned. He saw that the valley had changed; there are already water sources, and there are people who live there with their wives and children, the Jurhum tribe.

The Prophet Ismail had begun to grow and blend with the community. Mecca also became a place for foreigners to stop and the light of religion appeared there.

Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail were ordered to build the Ka’bah. When the building was completed, Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to call on people to go to the Ka’bah for a pilgrimage.

There came those whom Allah wanted to perform the Hajj, thus they were the first pilgrims. Since then, the city has become vibrant and famous among the Arab community.

Prophet Ismail lived for 130 years. In the span of a century, he experienced two marriages. The first wife of the Qathura tribe and the second from Jurhum.

His father, Prophet Ibrahim, had come to the house of Prophet Ismail in the Hijaz, but they did not meet at that time. Prophet Ibrahim only met the wife of Prophet Ismail.

Hearing many complaints from the daughter-in-law, finally, Prophet Ibrahim told his son Prophet Ismail to divorce his wife. Then marry the Prophet Ismail with a woman from the Jurhum tribe.

The Prophet Ismail took care of the Ka’bah for some time. He was awarded 12 children from his marriage to Jurhum women. The children of Prophet Ismail were assigned to care for the Ka’bah, teach the Hajj rituals, and educate the pilgrims with the teachings of tawhid.

Starting to find your lovely equipment of golf

Starting to find your lovely equipment of golf

Dec 10, 2018

Everyone must have different choices of favorite kinds of sports that they want to play every time they need a break time for a while. Usually that is the sport that they really like so much bangkok golf . They do not worry to spend some cost to obtain the proper set of the game as long as they can enjoy the game. For people that live in big cities, playing a favorite sport also means refreshing their mind after dealing with numerous deadlines on the office. In the other words, to play sport such as golf at Bangkok golf is necessary to do for some people.

You should be thankful that you like doing sport. It is something worthy to balance your life. It is reasonable that you have to be grateful as there are many people that feel lazy to do some sport. Living in a hectic city requires you to be smart to manage your life so that you will not feel much pressured as you have an activity to solve it. It is normal that you find some people that are quite serious at their sport hobbies. In this case, they are even willing to spend much money to obtain quality equipment.

With quality equipment, they expect for their better performance on the game and feel more confident to lead the game. It is not such a matter as long as they feel satisfied with the game. By this way, it is possible for them to make their day fun.

As you have spent your days off with refreshing activities such as playing golf, you may be ready to start your Monday. This is all about keeping yourself to be steady to deal with your abundant deadlines at the office. This is likely to be one of the alternatives that you may consider.

The side effects and the utilization of cannabis

The side effects and the utilization of cannabis

Dec 6, 2018

Of all types of drugs, marijuana is considered a safe narcotics compared to putaw or methamphetamine. But in fact most drug addicts start by trying marijuana. Marijuana influences concentration and memory, and often cannabis users will look for drugs that are harder and more deadly. The use of marijuana easily loses concentration, the pulse tends to increase, the body’s balance and coordination becomes worse, fear, panic, depression, confusion and hallucinating. Meanwhile, check out the strawberry cough strain if you want to know more about cannabis for medical treatment.

The general negative effect is that when you suck, the user will become lazy and the brain will be slow in thinking. However, this is still a matter of controversy, because it is not fully agreed upon by certain groups that support medical marijuana and marijuana in general.

The effects produced also vary for each individual, where in certain groups there are effects that make them lazy, while there are groups that become active, especially in creative thinking (not physically active like the effects produced by Methamphetamine).

Utilization of Marijuana

Marijuana plants have been known to humans for a long time and are used as bag-making ingredients because the fibers they produce are strong. Cannabis seeds are also used as an oil source.

However, because marijuana is also known as a source of narcotics and this use is more economic in value, people are planting more on this and in many places it is misused. In some countries planting marijuana is completely prohibited. In some other countries, cannabis cultivation is permitted for the benefit of using the fiber. The condition is that the varieties planted must contain very low or no narcotics ingredients.

Before there was a strict prohibition on planting marijuana, in Aceh, cannabis leaves were a component of vegetables and were commonly served. For users, dried marijuana leaves were burned and smoked like cigarettes, and could also be sucked with a special instrument called bong.

Marijuana, until this moment, has never been proven to be a cause of death or addiction. In fact, in the past it was considered an extraordinary plant, where almost all the elements in it could be used for various purposes.

Berkomunikasi dengan penyandang disabilitas pendengaran di tempat kerja dengan baik

Berkomunikasi dengan penyandang disabilitas pendengaran di tempat kerja dengan baik

Dec 6, 2018

Selain hardskill, setiap sumber daya manusia (SDM) di sebuah perusahaan juga perlu untuk mengembangkan softskill. Salah satu softskill yang sangat dibutuhkan yaitu keterampilan berkomunikasi dengan beragam individu. Tanpa keterampilan berkomunikasi dengan baik, mustahil untuk mencapai target tim yang telah ditetapkan. Bahkan untuk kondisi yang relatif tidak mudah seperti ketika bekerja dengan para penyandang disabilitas, tidak ada alasan untuk tidak mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik. Alasannya, semuanya harus bias dipelajari dan salah satu karakter pegawai yang harus senantiasa diingat yaitu tidak berhenti belajar. Mencoba untuk menerima segala tantangan yang diberikan termasuk juga melakukan komunikasi yang baik dengan anggota tim.

Dalam situasi tersebut, sebaiknya segara untuk beradaptasi dengan tantangan yang diberikan dengan cara memahami cara untuk berkomunikasi dengan penyandang disabilitas. Bagi seseorang yang jarang sekali untuk berkomunikasi dengan mereka, tahap awal mungkin terasa agak sulit dan terlihat sekali kelemahan kamu untuk berkomunikasi dengan mereka. Terdapat beberapa hal yang perlu diketahui sebelum membangun komunikasi dengan penyandang disabilitas. Pertama-tama, penting sekali untuk mengetahui aspek yang menjadi keterbatasan mereka dan menggolongkan mereka dalam kategori tertentu untuk mengetahui perlakuan yang paling pas. Misalnya, kategori disabilitas pendengaran membutuhkan perlakuan khusus seperti gerakan bibir yang jelas ketika berbicara dengan mereka. Namun, para penyandang disabilitas pendengaran biasanya telah memilih cara yang mereka rasa paling nyaman untuk dilakukan.

Oleh karena itu, penting sekali untuk menanyakan kepada mereka untuk mengetahui cara yang mereka rasa paling nyaman untuk berkomunikasi. Dengan demikian, komunikasi yang dibangun tentu akan menunjukkan hasil secara lebih cepat juga. Perhatikan juga attitude ketika berkomunikasi dengan mereka meskipun mereka adalah seorang staff.

Jika memungkinkan, lakukan sentuhan untuk menunjukkan perhatian yang lebih bersahabat dengan mereka. Dalam hal ini, mereka tentu saja sangat senang jika berkomunikasi dengan siapa saja yang sangat memperhatikan attitude ketika berkomunikasi. Dari sinilah, kemungkinan dimunculkan suatu lingkungan kerja yang sangat bersahabat. Lingkungan kerja yang baik tentu saja sangat berpengaruh terhadap kenyamanan seluruh individu dalam bekerja.

Tips to Increase Your Stamina While Doing Workout

Tips to Increase Your Stamina While Doing Workout

Dec 4, 2018

You will often hear the term stamina. Actually, what is the meaning of stamina itself? Stamina is the energy needed to mobilize energy or do work for a long time nitrous oxide blood pressure . Increasing the stamina while doing the workout may be something you are trying but didn’t you deal with nitrous oxide workout? This term is usually reserved for something related to sports. There are several tips for increasing stamina in exercise.

1. Consumption of Healthy Foods and Balanced Nutrition

Food is a source of energy for our body. If you consume foods that are healthy and have balanced nutrition, it will make our body more energetic and stamina will increase. Try the foods you consume are foods that are low in fat, rich in vegetables and fruit, as well as lean meat. So that the energy you get is more durable, then what you consume, a third is food made from carbohydrates and flour.

2. Don’t Until You Lack of Liquid

Maybe you already know, there are many benefits that we get when we consume lots of water. Water can prevent the formation of kidney stones, lose weight and so on. Water can increase stamina because water can suppress fatigue in muscle tissue. When your muscle tissue lacks water or is dehydrated, its performance cannot be maximized.

3. Doing Many Physical Exercises

The next tip to increase stamina when you exercise is to do a lot of physical exercises. Physical exercise can indeed make you tired in the short term. Somehow, if you routinely do physical exercise, then over time your stamina will also increase. In order for your stamina to increase, you must be able to spend a little time doing sports. You can do moderate levels of cardiovascular exercise for about 150 minutes within one week. You can also accompany it with strength training, at least twice a week is enough.

3 First Steps To Manage Your Job Search

3 First Steps To Manage Your Job Search

Dec 4, 2018

First, you have to determine your career goals. Do you want to get experience working directly and strengthen self-confidence at this time? Or do you have certain ambitions that you want to achieve in the next few years? Many people might say that you have to know what you want in the next 5 years, in fact, it often doesn’t go according to plan. So, you need to have a plan but the same is important to remain flexible to change direction if there are strong reasons. In the meantime, you may look at this to find out more info about jobs in the UK.

It is said that someone needs to set a short-term career goal in order to be able to apply for the right job with the right company to achieve that goal.

Then, visualize your ideal company. As important as having clear career goals, you must also have a clear view of the ideal company. What kind of work environment do you want? What kind of work culture fits your personality and values?

Working together with colleagues who have a line of thought will inspire and motivate, different if the opposite. In this case, it is essential to know whether you want to work in a dynamic and social work environment or you are an introvert who loves to work privately with very little social interactions.

Finally, Use a targeted approach. Just because you are fresh graduate does not mean you have to take the first job offer you receive. You will be happier working for a suitable company, in an environment that inspires and motivates you to learn and develop.

Create a short list of companies that have the quality you are looking for, regardless of whether they have current job openings. This is to make your name known out there and build a professional network. Initiating by submitting a job application might impress HRD and save your resume in the file. Maybe they didn’t contact right away, but soon. The point is you will never know before trying it. Must be active, not passive.

10 Quick Ways to Learn to Read and Write for Elementary School Children

10 Quick Ways to Learn to Read and Write for Elementary School Children

Nov 29, 2018

Teaching children to read and write needs to be done early. It is not easy but in the right way, the child must be able to read and write quickly. On the other hand, you may also want to find out more about how to Apply to Ascot International School, if you want to send your child to an excellent British School in Bangkok.

Here are 10 quick ways to learn to read and write that can be applied to elementary school children:

1. Use the Alphabet Poster

The alphabet poster is one of the most used media by children to learn to recognize letters. This is the initial stage for learning to read and write.

2. Install Targets per Day

Make a target per day. For example, in one day the child must be able to spell two or more syllables.

3. Use Image Media

Teach children to read word for word using the help of pictures. Images will make children more easily remember letters and words that are read.

4. Use Color Assistance

The quick way to learn to read and write is to use color help, for example, let the child write letters using his favorite colors so that he is easier to remember.

5. Use Video Media

The video is a fun learning medium for children. Give children a video watch about learning to read and write.

6. Parental Stimulation

Parents need to provide the right stimuli. For example, parents can write a word then ask the child to read it.

7. Repeatedly

Continue to repeat the knowledge of reading and writing children so that he always remembers and is getting more expert from day to day.

8. Study Outdoors

Invite children to learn to read and write outdoors to reduce boredom.

9. Facilities according to the wishes of the child

Give learning facilities to read and write according to the wishes of the child. For example, give a cute stationery with a picture of a child’s favorite character so he is more excited.

10. Tracing the Letters

For starters to learn to write, children can be invited to trace letters first so that they know the shape of the letters and can make it themselves.