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Things you consider before buying a simple house

Posted by on Oct 10, 2018

What exactly do you have to consider when you want to buy a simple minimalist house? Here we provide the review for all of you. Aside from that, you can visit properti di lombok if...

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Play Water Game by Try Arung Jeram

Posted by on Sep 2, 2018

Arung jeram or also know as a rafting is a ride that being played in a fast flowing river. This ride is can be categorized as a water sport. Arung jeram is not always for sport,...

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3 Steps of maintaining your diamond jewelry

Posted by on Oct 10, 2018

Beautiful diamonds and have the brightest luster among other types of rocks, making diamonds considered the most valuable precious stones. Even so, it is not impossible that the...

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Errors in Using Smartband

Posted by on Oct 5, 2018

Smartband is commonly used to record fitness activities. The goal is that the recorded activity can be used to measure how healthy the user’s body is. This smart band...

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How To Get Grilled Foods Without Worrying About The Cancer Possibility

How To Get Grilled Foods Without Worrying About The Cancer Possibility

Oct 14, 2018

Foods that you grill are often blamed for causing cancer because they produce carcinogens. Even so, foods like fish and grilled meat are still popular with many people. How to make burned or baked foods healthy and safe from cancer? Just because you worry about the side effects of grilled foods, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the use of Paradise Grills.

Protein foods such as fish and meat cooked by burning or baking can produce two types of chemical compounds that can cause cancer, namely heterocyclic amine (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). HCA that is formed when meat is cooked with high temperature (grilled, roasted and fried) and also found in cigarette smoke, has been shown to cause cancer in organs such as the stomach, large intestine, liver, and skin.

Whereas PAH is formed when a liquid in the meat drips onto the hot surface of the coals and causes smoke. This smoke contains carcinogens, which are deposited on the surface of the meat.

However, the risk arising from these two substances cannot automatically make us throw away barbecue equipment (grills)

For your information, there are ways to minimize the risk of carcinogens when burning or baking food, namely:

– Clean the grill before cooking and remove all charred debris that might be attached to food.
– Cook food first (boiled with herbs) before baking to reduce PAH.
– Place the meat in an electric microwave for 60 seconds (for medium cuts) and 90 seconds (for thick and fatty pieces). This reduces the amount of grill time that allows the PAH to form.
– Adding certain ingredients can also make food safer, such as vinegar or lemon, which acts as an ‘invisible’ shield to change the acidity of the meat from sticking and to prevent PAH.
– If possible, foods that are baked or baked should be vegetables or fruit, not meat.

Things you consider before buying a simple house

Things you consider before buying a simple house

Oct 10, 2018

What exactly do you have to consider when you want to buy a simple minimalist house? Here we provide the review for all of you. Aside from that, you can visit properti di lombok if you want to buy a house or land lots in Lombok.

First: Consider the Budget

You have to consider the budget. Sometimes a minimalist home budget is not much different from a luxury home. Then you have to be careful so you can get a simple house according to budget. Look for a cheap, simple house that suits your budget but is not cheap and able to make the eyes comfortable looking at them and can give a beautiful power to your heart and family when you occupy the house.

Second: Consider Physical Aspects

To get a house with a simple design model that is cheap, you clearly have to consider several physical aspects. One of them is about the dimensions of the minimalist house itself. Look for a house with a simple design model that does have a standard size. Thus, you will feel comfortable occupying it without feeling that the house is too narrow for you to live every day.

Third: Home Location

The next consideration is the consideration of the location of a simple house. This location problem often also affects prices. If the simple house that you occupy is located in the middle of the city, chances are that the price of a simple house will be the same as the price of a luxury house in the countryside. This is an important thing that is sometimes forgotten when going to buy it.

Fourth: Consider the aspect of the room

Then do not forget also for you to pay attention to aspects of simple house building. Some simple homes, for example, offer very little space. While some other simple houses provide a lot of space in small dimensions. Consider your need for a simple home space that you want from the beginning you get an offer.

Fifth: Installment Period

Another consideration about a simple minimalist home is a consideration of the period of the house’s installments. This is important when you have a very limited budget. Look for a simple home design credit offer that is in accordance with your monthly financial income.

3 Steps of maintaining your diamond jewelry

3 Steps of maintaining your diamond jewelry

Oct 10, 2018

Beautiful diamonds and have the brightest luster among other types of rocks, making diamonds considered the most valuable precious stones. Even so, it is not impossible that the luster of diamonds can fade due to daily use. Therefore, it needs to be observed how to take care of diamond-studded jewelry so that the luster remains beautiful and bright. Meanwhile, check out the diamond rings from the trusted and licensed stores, if you only want to get the real diamonds with high-quality and fair price.

Here are 3 ways to care for diamonds:

Avoid scratches

If you think that air, food splashes and exposure to water are the main enemies of diamonds. That is wrong! Diamonds are solid precious stones that are not easily damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures, even food scraps, and even water.

The main enemy that can reduce the beauty of diamonds is scratches and collisions. We recommend that you avoid physical activities that are at risk of making jewelry with your favorite diamond enthroned from hard scratches or collisions.

Avoid chemical exposure

The use of cosmetic products such as lotions, hairspray and so on can affect diamond luster. As much as possible, keep away the exposure to these cosmetic products if you are wearing diamond jewelry, because the chemicals in the cosmetics can dim diamond luster.

Periodic washing

If your favorite diamond has dimmed, it’s better to leave it to the experts. Diamonds can be polished again so that the luster returns brilliant and do the routine, at least once every 3 months

That’s it for the info that we can share with you this time regarding diamonds. Although it’s quite short, we hope this article can help you to maintain your diamond jewelry properly, so it can be used for a long time, and your diamonds won’t degrade quickly, which may possibly lower its price in the near future.

Errors in Using Smartband

Errors in Using Smartband

Oct 5, 2018

Smartband is commonly used to record fitness activities. The goal is that the recorded activity can be used to measure how healthy the user’s body is. This smart band consists of several choices, but the reality is not only choosing a smart band with the ability to watch heart rate monitor watches become sufficient but to get maximum results, you can avoid some errors that you might get from using the smart band. One of them is not filling in personal information. Because when you start using Smartband, you will be asked to create a personal account. Your personal data such as age, height, weight, gender must also be included. These data are then synchronized with your smartphone, which is why you have to fill in them correctly and completely. Its function is as a comparison so that it can be more accurate in predicting the distance traveled, calories burned and the number of steps that have been taken.

Setting an unrealistic target seems to be one of the smart brand’s priorities. Generally, the newly switched smart band will set a target of 10,000 steps every day. This target is unrealistic when applied to everyone. The target should be adjusted to the level of your activity, if you just start, it’s a good idea to set targets at 5,000 or 6,000 steps one day. After the target is reached, increase slowly. Don’t forget to turn off sleep mode. One of the interesting things about Smartband is the ability to record a user’s sleep time. But this mode usually must be activated by pressing a certain command button.

This sleep mode should not be activated when you are active because it will make the sleep pattern record chaotic. Activate sleep mode only when you are ready to sleep so that the recorded data is more valid.

3 things to think about before getting a saucer chair

3 things to think about before getting a saucer chair

Oct 5, 2018

When you go to a furniture store, there must be a lot of furniture products that catch your eye. The furniture like sofa, bed, wardrobe, shelves or the other products can make your house looks prettier. Especially when the furniture has a cute or pretty pattern that will look good in your house. One of the furniture that might catch your eye is maybe a saucer chair. A comfortable chair that you can put at your reading room or living room that you can use to relax your body and mind. There might be a lot of cheap saucer chairs that you can choose to buy. But before you get those chairs, you need to consider several things about the saucer chair.

There might be a lot of things that you considered before you get your saucer chair. These three points might summarize all of your consideration about the saucer chair. First of all, it’s about the size. You might think that this is the most important thing to be considered about. Especially when you don’t have much space in your house.

The second thing that you need to consider before getting a saucer chair is the material of the cushion. This is important for you since you might want to sit on it for the whole day. So you need to find the one that can make you feel more comfortable. You can also find the one that is easy to clean. Just in case you spoiled something on it or it just becomes dirty.

The last thing that you might want to consider is the carry bag. A saucer chair is a chair that is easy for you to bring anywhere you go. So the carry bag is important for you to bring the saucer chair wherever you want to.

Things to Never Make When Buying New Car

Things to Never Make When Buying New Car

Sep 29, 2018

Community needs for cars are getting higher. Cars are considered to be the most efficient means of transportation for short and long distance travel. Buying a car doesn’t just rely on money. There are several things that need to be considered before you actually bring the car to the garage of the house. At least, there are four mistakes that must be avoided by potential car buyers, before regretting later. If you want to have Hyundai Santa Fe ride every day, it can be a good idea to buy that car but read Santa Fe review first.

First mistake, not enough research. Usually, potential customers only compare three car variants before buying one. In fact, the comparable model does not necessarily represent its needs. In addition, many people forget to check the available features, because they are fascinated with one or two models.

Second, don’t want to test drive. In fact, it is very important to know whether the car fits the needs. Testing must also be done to check available features, whether it functions as expected or just becomes a display. Try to ask for more than half an hour to test drive. And take it to the streets with poor contours, to find out the ability of the car.

The third is often the case, which is affected by the installment offer. Do not be tempted by the offer, because the standard installments can be “played” by the dealer owner. It is better to do an On the Road price survey (car prices plus taxes and document fees), and consult the installment bank. Benchmarks offered by dealers usually deviate and outweigh bank calculations.

Finally, buy a car as needed. Don’t because it’s limited to style but it’s not optimal when used.

The most important thing, don’t forget the environmental conditions and traffic of the city where you live, whether it matches the chosen car. In addition, choose a car with maintenance costs that are within the budget. So that later your money will not be drained much just to take care of the car.

The Ideal Amount of Money that Should be Invested Monthly

The Ideal Amount of Money that Should be Invested Monthly

Sep 27, 2018

The most recommended budget by financial experts is 50/30/20, where you use 50% for living expenses such as food, transportation, and others, then 30% to pay debts, and 20% for savings and investments. We also agree with the recommendations given above which save about 20% of your total monthly income. In the meantime, perhaps you need to see the trusted investment mis selling claim service, when you’ve made a fatal mistake with your investment.

However, this amount is not a fixed number and must be followed, because the financial condition of each person is different. This means that if you have a higher income than the average income earned by the community. The amount of savings and investment set aside each month can be greater than the standard above.

Or if you feel the value is 20% too large with the amount of income earned. A percentage of 20% can be lowered to adjust.

Reason Behind 20% Value Is Ideal Amount

Based on a rough calculation, where you start investing in your 20s with an average yield of 5% a year.

The amount of 20% of the total income earned is an ideal amount to achieve financial independence in the future.

This means that with the investment results you have done since a young age, you no longer need to work all the age to enjoy old age later.

What To Do When You Are Not Able To Save 20%?

When your investment conditions occur do not use a 20% benchmark, but set aside money gradually. However, you need to remember that without commitment and discipline, the investments made will not be able to provide returns that are in accordance with the wishes.

Increase investment to 25-30 percent of the total income you get each month.

The greater the amount that can be set aside, the greater the investment returns will be obtained in the future. So that old age and various financial goals can be fulfilled well.

Interested in applying it?

The steps we stated above are ways that can be applied so that you can achieve various financial goals and prepare for retirement well.

The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

Sep 26, 2018

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Your need for the website redesign with the help of professional Web Design Agency Penang. Today, redesigning a website is very important to keep the website optimal. One of them can increase conversions through up-to-date sites. Here are some reasons why you need to redesign your old website.

Outdated website

It’s important to keep the website up-to-date. Many sites lose traffic because they haven’t updated in a few years. Google also recommends redesigning the website. Online business owners should change the website layout, templates, and content. If you are in the fashion industry, of course, you cannot use pictures of the 90s to attract young people. Fashion trends are changing very fast. Therefore, the fashion website needs to redesign the image.

The site is not responsive

A website design must be responsive and compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If the website is not responsive, then your business is in danger. More than 65% of visitors now use smartphones. To reach many visitors, it must be ensured to use responsive web design on your website. Responsive websites are a better choice than making a mobile site separately.

The site has a low ranking in search engines

Recently, Google released a page layout algorithm after many websites displayed too many advertisements. If you see a change in website ranking, immediately redesign the website using the right advertising optimization strategy. In 2012, Google launched the Hummingbird update, where many websites have duplicate content affected. If your site has lots of flash images or lack of content, you should immediately update your website. Make a truly SEO-friendly website as well as blogs to increase exposure as well as popularity.

Slow site

Users are usually more comfortable when visiting websites that have fast loading. Well, if you feel your website takes a long time when loading, you should immediately take action or approach with web developers to speed up your website loading. A website that has fast loading will be useful for SEO factors and offer an interesting experience for users.