How Should We Handle Peer Rejection?

What we condition ourself to believe and what we allow our thoughts to ponder will affect how we think and how our lives play out. There are various components which prompt this. Of most importance, the rejection of our peers seems to have great significance in our life choices.

We frequently encompass our self with similar people who are like us in appearance, convictions, and like interests. Think about your closest friends and the most important factor will be common interests or activities. We normally see the advantages of our friendships but neglect to acknowledge what characteristics are really undermining our best selves.

The activities of our friends directs what we believe to be socially acceptable. That is why the act of a homicide or suicide can be so shocking when it occurs in a relatively friendly neighborhood or close family. It is often reported later that not a single individual attempted to stop it even when everyone saw it coming.

Although negative influence plays its part, a positive impact can be one of the best factors in the gift of a better life particularly with children. A group project called Responsible Fatherhood which helps men become better guardians speaks about a recent study demonstrating that 26% of American children are living without a father which is stunning until you realize that 69% of African American kids in Baltimore MD are living without a father too. We must come together as a nation and encourage parents to create a positive influence for america’s children. Even when situations are not optimal, children should still feel safe & happy and knowing that their parents care deeply for them not only in word but deeds will have the greatest impact o whether they will be strong in charactor and live better lives.

Take the first step in bettering your inner circle of family and friends. Be the Positive influence & pay attention to anyone who might have a negative impact on those you love. Minimize visits or conversations with them and teach children and others to flip the naysayers words in their mind to a better world view that will give them a happier outlook on their life and future experiences.