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2 Ways To Wash Carpets At Home

2 Ways To Wash Carpets At Home

Apr 25, 2020

Your room will look more beautiful with a carpet that adorns the floor. So that cleanliness is maintained, the carpet must be treated routinely by washing because it is not enough if you just clean it with a vacuum. For this reason, the selection of rugs that can be washed will be more beneficial for you in terms of maintenance. If you are unsure because you do not have the knowledge to wash carpets, leave the assignment to find carpet cleaner machine.

There are two ways you can use to wash carpets at home. To distinguish it, you can see from the material and size of the carpet. The following explanation.

Washable rugs by machine: Fast and practical, but check the size first
When choosing a rug that can be washed by the washing machine, you first need to check its size. Make sure the carpet fits inside your washing machine. In addition, also know the weight of the carpet and adjust the load capacity of your washing machine.

If it turns out the carpet does not fit in the washing machine, you can take it to the nearest laundry. Actually, products that can be washed by washing machine are generally can also be washed by hand. However, you still need to pay attention to the important things in washing the carpet by hand. You can read it in detail in the next point.

Hand-washed carpet: It takes longer, but the type of carpet varies
If you want to choose a carpet that is washed by hand, the choice of products available becomes wider. You can buy products that are difficult to wash using a washing machine, for example, made of long hairs. But, of course, you need to spend more time washing it than when using a washing machine. In addition, you also can not dry using a dryer in the washing machine. This makes the time to dry it even longer.

Therefore, when choosing a carpet that is washed by hand you should choose a small product. That way, washing and drying it won’t bother you too much. If the size is too large, you might become lazy to wash it or even throw it away without ever being washed.

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