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Smart and simple ways of improving your brain’s intelligence level

Smart and simple ways of improving your brain’s intelligence level

May 14, 2018

The time you have today will never come back tomorrow because time keeps going without stopping. Time is a very valuable thing, if you can not appreciate it then you yourself will lose money. Time is like a boomerang for ourselves if we can not use and use it well then we will be played by it, then from now on use your time as well as possible. When you do activities that are like wasting time just like waiting in line, waiting for a bus or waiting for someone then use your waiting time by doing things that are beneficial to you or other people. In the meantime, if you want to know more about a great brain supplement, just visit right away.

You can fill in crossword puzzles while waiting for the bus, or listen to the news or audio programs while waiting for the queue, so your waiting time is not wasted because there are still many useful things and activities you can do while you wait. The difference of successful people with less successful people is how to manage their time, so esteem your time with the best possible.

Train all your senses

Learning by not only involving the brain but also by involving other sensory devices such as the senses of the movements of the hands, feet, the senses of the listener, the sense of taste and sense of taste proved to make the brain more powerful in recording the information being studied.

Children or adults when learning with accompanied by the movement of multiple senses will further improve learning outcomes because learning by accompanied by sensing the senses will train the brain more remember the information or knowledge being studied. Suppose that if a child learns about “no weight” if the child is taught with a jumping motion then the child will better understand the meaning of “without weight”.

Train your Alpha brainwaves

Alpha brain condition is when the brain works with a speed of about 8 to 12 cycles per second. Brain in Alpha condition with relaxed brain condition but stay focused and maintained its concentration. By training Alpha brainwaves like this, the level of brain intelligence will increase.