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These Are Two Common Mistakes That Make Homes More Messy

These Are Two Common Mistakes That Make Homes More Messy

Feb 4, 2019

At present, of course, the price of housing is quite expensive, so many people live in homes that are not large in size or choose to live in an apartment. However, in an apartment, the space you have to store all things is certainly not much, because the size of the apartment itself is also not large. So, to keep all items or furniture that are rarely used, many people choose to save them at 迷你倉. By storing it there, then all your items will be safe so you don’t have to worry about the damage that has occurred.

Besides that, it turns out there are some common mistakes that can make your home or apartment look very messy. Some common mistakes referred to here are

– Stacking Too Many Goods in the Wardrobe

You may have collected various ceramic ornaments for years and put them all together in a closet that leads to the room. Visually it can create a messy impression. For that, try to group knick-knacks with a maximum of three types of items and never fill a shelf with too much stuff. The fewer knick-knacks in the closet at home, the better. Don’t forget to save all the clothes you are not using. For example storing winter clothes, when summer arrives.

– Does Not Pay Attention to the Position of Furniture

Hold to attach all furniture to the wall. This common error can cause the appearance of a messy room. Why? This is because leaving a line of sight that is less in the room and fewer paths that are not disturbed for the eye when looking at the room Too much furniture placed near the wall also creates a ‘dead zone’ in the center of the room.

If you feel the room is narrow, don’t worry. In fact, pulling a sofa a few inches from the wall and adding a chair can make a big difference. Ideally, the furniture must be at least 30 cm from the wall.