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Variety of Health Impacts from Hot Air

Variety of Health Impacts from Hot Air

Feb 11, 2019

The hot air temperature plus the hot sun makes the afternoon until evening more annoying. The earth is entering the culmination of September to October. At this time, the sun is right in the highest position in the sky resulting in a ‘loss’ of shadow. Although not directly related to the culmination, it cannot be denied that in the past few days hot weather hit several cities. Meanwhile, call the trusted aircon servicing singapore if your AC is broken and your room temperature becomes too hot for you to bear local service.

The weather that feels hotter will clearly have an effect on human health. The following are some of the impacts taken from various sources.

1. Dehydration

Heat makes the body lose more fluid. The body becomes weak and loses concentration. When the air is hot, the body easily gives a signal so that the liquid supply is added.

However, on the contrary, the night will feel very cold. Because there is no thirst, the water supply stops. In fact, the body will always need water no matter when it’s hot or cold.

2. Stress

Hot air is related to stress. There are more incidents of stress, anxiety, and depression that arise during hot air.

3. Skin irritation

Not only stress, even hot air can make the skin become problematic. Irritation will be vulnerable because the skin tends to dry out due to loss of moisture.

Therefore, it is important to maintain skin moisture especially when leaving the room. Use moisturizer or moisturizer plus sunscreen to ward off ultraviolet (UV) rays.

4. Headaches

If you feel a sudden headache lately, then hot air can be one of the causes. Changes in air temperature can occur suddenly. However, the body cannot quickly adapt to that change.

5. The immune system decreases

The body is susceptible to disease when the temperature changes. People need to be wise in consuming cold drinks or food. In addition, diligent hand washing is also needed to keep away from bacteria.