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How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

May 7, 2019

Keeping the paint on the body of the car one of the treatments commonly carried out by car owners is that the car paint is still sleek. You can choose an royal1 mobile detailing if you need complete car maintenance care.

In addition to washing the car, car paint care can be done in other ways, namely by polishing and waxing. In principle, between polish and waxing has a difference, both from the way it works to its shape and function. The purpose of the polish process is to remove dull surfaces in car paint, while the wax is more protective of paint.

Waxing is indeed one way to treat the exterior of the car. Wax itself is a type of wax that is often used as a layer of car paint. Waxing means giving a thin layer to cover the paint surface of the car so that the car always looks shiny like new. If we don’t do it right, the car paint will actually be damaged.

You can choose waxing instead of polish when you treat the appearance of the car. The polish that uses compound is more suitable when the paint is in a dull condition or there are minor scratches. This is because the compound is eroding the dull layer of paint and continuous use can erode the surface of the paint.

Waxing doesn’t only burn the body of your car but it also protects the paint from the sun. Sharp Ultra Viole rays can make your car’s paint color fade. Wax will protect this paint.

In addition, a layer of wax that is water-repellent will reduce water spots or water sports on the paint surface of your car, so that when you drive in the rain, your car will be protected and appear cleaner than without wax.

Wax can also protect car paint from minor scratches which may be caused by scratches of leaves, brushes, washing sponges or pebbles. A layer of wax can make the color of your car appear more alive. You can do waxing in 2 to 4 times a year to keep your car’s paint look awake.

These Are The Reason Why Some People Drive A Luxury Car

These Are The Reason Why Some People Drive A Luxury Car

May 7, 2019

Luxury cars shows the image of their owners. Many people use luxury cars because they feel confident when using them. However, the price of luxury cars is not cheap. You have to spend a lot of money to have a luxury car. However, now you can rent a luxury car at a luxury car hire. You can drive a luxury car without having to buy it.

There are several reasons why many people like driving a luxury car. Here are some of their reasons:

1. Luxury Cars Attract Attention
When you drive a car like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, especially Ferrari, to the mall, you will definitely be the center of attention of many people. Many people are always interested in all types of luxury cars. When you drive it, all attention will be on you. This is a fun thing for some people. This is what makes them always want to drive a luxury car.

2. Pamper yourself
Buying premium cars for wealthy people can be a place to pamper yourself. Because users will feel the pleasure and comfort of the number one work of famous automotive engineers.
In addition, for those who like flattery, premium cars support them get the attention of many people. That is the reason why someone dares out a lot of money to buy a luxury car as long as it gets the best priority and service when visiting a shopping center or star hotel.

3. Guaranteed Work Quality
Leading car manufacturers are not arbitrary in choosing materials and when processing vehicles. The goal is to maintain the satisfaction of its users for a long period of time.

Unlike the case with a million people, sometimes problems arise after being used for several years. The manufacturer has taken into account the durability of a car that is only capable of being used in a relatively short period of time, so that consumers will return to buying a car after the old one can no longer be used.

No wonder the selling price is very expensive to compensate for the difficult process. The quality of the material and the production process will be seen after the car has been used for years with routine maintenance.