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The Arabian Women Generally Must Wear Black Abayas

The Arabian Women Generally Must Wear Black Abayas

Oct 5, 2019

In general, women in Saudi Arabia are required to cover their entire bodies by wearing large black clothes such as “robes” called Abayas outside their clothes when they go outside the house. This clothing on the Arabian peninsula is the usual clothing worn by women in their daily activities. The traditional color of the Abaya is known to be black and covers the woman’s body from the neck to cover the toes, in the form of a long, loose robe, usually using loose arms and arms. Veils that are used are mostly black. The command to close the body is in Quran 33: 59. Meanwhile, if you want to buy some new abayas, perhaps you must check out some of the trusted wholesale abaya suppliers.

Many Saudi women who wear clothing are completely covered, including their faces covered in Burqa or Niqab. This burqa is a veil or veil that covers the face except for the eyes, and they cover their hands by wearing black gloves. Typically, this relates mainly to Saudi Arabian women whose husbands are very strict with Islamic sharia and also aims to protect women from the attention of others, especially unwanted men.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, women who are non-Muslim foreign nationals are seen wearing Abayas, although not always veiled, when they are outside the home. All wrapped in black clothes, on the street, in the mall, in hospitals, in government offices, in markets, and in other public places. However, behind the black clothes that wrap the whole body tightly, there are a million colors of the rainbow and the joy of life.

Abayas are designed to be loose black robes so that even under the light, curves and postures of women are not clearly visible and are not attractive to the opposite sex who are not muhrim. Materials commonly used for Abayas originating from Saudi Arabia are Fursan, Aliflela or malikah, and Satin fabrics. Qatar original Abayas are usually made from fabric type Internet Crepe, Nida, Lexus, Saudi Crepe and also Satin. Different again with the area of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates which makes abayas from Nida type fabric, Internet Crepe, Lexus, Satin and also Firdous. These types of cloth are cold on the body.