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You Must Visit These Cities When You Explore Wisconsin

You Must Visit These Cities When You Explore Wisconsin

Oct 9, 2019

If you visit Wisconsin, don’t forget to visit Cedarburg too. Cedarburg is the largest suburban community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the special historic places in this city is the last bridge in Wisconsin. Wisconsin used to have more than forty covered bridges throughout the state, but now there is only one left, in Cedarburg. The historic wool factory in the city has been turned into a restaurant and wine factory, making it a wonderful place for tourists to stop. This ancient city has many old buildings and some other interesting places to visit, especially in the summer due to you can enjoy a lot of concerts there. Apart from that, if you want to have apparel which shows your love for Wisconsin, we recommend you to buy a wisconsin badgers apparel.

Besides Cedarburg, you can also go to other beautiful cities in Wisconsin, namely Egg Harbor. It’s no secret that Door County is one of the most beautiful places in Wisconsin. Egg Harbor is a must-see stop when heading to this area. With friendly people, small-town charm and cozy restaurants, it’s no surprise that Egg Harbor is constantly among the best small towns in Wisconsin. An excellent place to stop for those looking for a delicious breakfast is the Rusty Tractor Cafe family-owned. The variety of golf courses in Egg Harbor, shops, spas, and calm lakes makes it an ideal place for a relaxing vacation.

However, if you prefer lakes try going to Algoma. It is located on the edge of Lake Michigan in northeast Wisconsin and is a charming, quiet city. This beautiful little city has something to offer everyone. Whether visitors want to enjoy a glass of wine at a historic winery, spend a day shopping, go fishing on Lake Michigan or take a leisurely walk along the sandy beach and boardwalk, there is always something to do in Algoma. The city is very family-friendly and is a great place for a much-needed vacation. Shanty Days and Concert in the Park Series are fun events that take place in Algoma in the summer.