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4 Diseases That In The Past Are Called To Be Caused by Magic

4 Diseases That In The Past Are Called To Be Caused by Magic

Oct 20, 2019

Several diseases have causes that can be explained scientifically today because of various things. But in the past, this disease is often called due to the magic that occurs. Many people feel that this is unnatural and they use urgent healing prayer request so that people suspected of being affected by illness from magic can be cured

In the past, the decline of this disease is often blamed on some people who are accused of being witches who present the magic. As a result, several people were arrested and killed because they were accused of being witches responsible for the birth of some illnesses. The following is a list of diseases suspected to originate from witchcraft:

– Mental disorders
Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder can often cause changes in personality and emotional for someone. This is what makes this disease often referred to as caused by sorcery.
In the past, people used to exorcise people with psychiatric disorders because they were possessed by evil spirits. Even practices like this are still running today to the relationship between this mental disorder with magic or evil spirits.

– epilepsy
Epilepsy is a neurological condition that causes seizures due to the disruption of activity in the brain. At present, the disease is estimated to have infected as many as 65 million people worldwide.

When an attack occurs, a person can become unconscious or unconscious and convulsions. The symptoms of seizures and unconsciousness make a person difficult to control themselves so that in the past the disease is often called due to sorcery.

Ergot mushroom poisoning
Consumption of foods that contain certain fungi such as ergot can cause disease. One symptom of poisoning is similar to epilepsy or psychiatric disorders that occur in people who consume them.
Other symptoms that appear are tense muscles, vomiting, hallucinations, and the effect of feeling strange sensations on the skin. All the symptoms experienced due to mushroom poisoning have been linked to attacks by magic and black magic on someone.

Encephalitis Lethargica
This disease causes a person to be petrified and some are even unable to wake up from the mattress. The cause of this disease in the past is also unknown, so magic and black magic are called the culprits.

Signs of this disease are high fever, dizziness, dizzy vision, delayed mental and physical responses, and slow thinking. Furthermore, this disease can even cause people who suffer from coma to death.