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5 Golf Resolutions in the New Year 2019

5 Golf Resolutions in the New Year 2019

Jan 18, 2019

For you golfers, how is your golf development this year? So-so, or even decreased? The year is soon to change, and the resolution is something that is often prepared to deal with it. If you want to include golf in it, here are some appropriate resolutions for golfers in this year. Aside from that, you might also want to try the excellent Bali Golf Holidays.

1. Smile

Smiling brings positive hormones throughout your body, which makes the day brighter. Even if you play golf, your punch may enter the water two or three times, upset you can’t get the ball out of the bunker, or the putt that doesn’t enter.

To treat it, just take a deep breath and start smiling. Who knows, you can forget the bad things that have happened. Because golf doesn’t only play one hole, you can boast other holes too, right?

2. Control your emotions

Golf is just golf, a game that should be a tired release after a week of wrestling with activities. Legowo is with golf and assuming that every blow that has taken place cannot be repeated. Maybe that needs to be addressed, there is no problem if you are upset with a bad punch, but make it as a driver not to repeat it right?

3. Lower the handicap

Handicap is the exhaustion of a person’s golf which is summarized in numbers. From these numbers, other people can describe their views on how you play. Just insert the handicap into your resolution, to continue to reduce the number.

4. Practice short games

If you are not a long distance hitter, and it is very difficult to get lucky when a putt, maybe the main weapon lies in the short game. If so, practice short games more often and get the feel. Who knows, short games can make meaningful changes to your final score later.

5. Strengthen physically

Physical is one of the important things in golf. One of them is to hit further, or also strong when walking for miles from one hole to another. You need to be physically strong to get through it, and light to heavy exercise can be included in your resolution.