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A good web design increases conversion rates

A good web design increases conversion rates

Aug 30, 2018

In addition to all the benefits of searching, and making visitors happy, responsive web design has the ability to increase conversion rates or conversion rates which are of course very desired by every mobile user in the world. Why? if a website does not function properly on a mobile or tablet device, then the user certainly cannot be converted. And do you know how many people shop from mobile devices? There are studies that found 69% of tablet users shop using their devices in the past 30 days. In the meantime, you may go to Webdesign Hessen whenever you need an excellent web design service.

So if visitors have to do more steps to complete the conversion with your site, then do you think they will still complete the conversion? The possibilities are of course very small, for example people who see products on your website with mobile devices will find it difficult to make purchases if your website does not support mobile, so if they want to complete the purchase then they have to move to the desktop, Ahhh it’s really difficult, it doesn’t make it Buy and search on other websites.

But with responsiveness, of course, the above can be overcome and the purchase of goods on your website can happen easily, anytime, anywhere visitors are, even in the bathroom can complete the purchase of goods, because responsive web can be opened with all screens.

Responsive design can also help you to do heatmapping and A / B testing or we can know with A / B testing, this can be used with software such as ClickTale or Optimizely, where you can find out which parts visitors click frequently, how your website interact with visitors, this can certainly help you to optimize the parts that are still not okay with your website. So again if your website doesn’t work on a mobile device, then visitors will feel frustrated and leave your website. High bounce rate = low conversion rate. And, this is certainly bad for your business.