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This is a sign that your skin is not suitable for one skin care product

This is a sign that your skin is not suitable for one skin care product

Aug 11, 2018

For women, even men with skincare are very helpful for their troubled facial skin. There are many skin care products that are suitable for certain skin types. Your job is to find skin care that is really right for your facial skin. You can read about rodan and fields review to find the right skincare for your own skin type.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not realize that they are not suitable for a skincare product and choose to continue using it. In fact, there are some signs that you are not suitable for a skin care product.

– Itchy facial skin
Itching on the face because the use of skin care can be caused by the perfume in it. Even though your face is sensitive to the scent. when your face feels itchy, they don’t scratch it and immediately consult with the relevant health expert.

– Rash on the face
Rashes on the face can also be caused by retinol content in skincare. Retinol is actually useful for removing black stains on the face if the dose is right. Rash on the face is one of the side effects caused by retinol.

– The skin becomes peeling
You can’t just peel the skin off. This is usually due to the side effects of skin care that you are currently using. Instead of thinning your skin better stop using your skin care immediately.

– Blackheads and pimples that multiple
Well if the condition of inflamed pimples and blackheads is usually caused by the silicon content in skin care. When your face is actually a lot of pimples and blackheads it indicates your skin care is not suitable and immediately stop rather than getting worse.

Instead of using a skin care product that doesn’t work well on your face, it will be appropriate if you use a variety of products that fit your own skin type. Also, make sure that you recognize the characteristics of your skin so that it will easily recognize its irritation.

Is it true that natural detox is effective and good for the body?

Is it true that natural detox is effective and good for the body?

Aug 10, 2018

In general, natural detox is defined as a method designed to remove toxins from the body in a natural way. Starting from drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juice, drinking a certain liquid such as lemon juice, limiting or even eliminating foods that contain sugar, salt, caffeine, taking supplements or herbs, to using laxatives to cleanse the digestive tract. In this case, you are required to carry out these activities regularly for a certain period of time in order to get optimal results. You can visit our website to get the best diet tea brands.

Actually, does natural detox work effectively?
For people who have successfully done a natural detox, report that their body feels more fresh and energized. In fact, some people succeed to lose weight while maintaining their ideal body weight. This is what makes many people think that detox is effective.

Though not always so. Because the body has its own natural ability to cleanse itself through the work of the liver, kidneys, urine, feces, and sweat. Toxic substances produced by the liver, serves to ensure the body is protected from harmful substances.

So, when someone who feels the natural detox method is successful because of his weight loss, this could be due to the fact that he often avoids foods with high fat and sugar content, so that eventually the body loses deposits of fluids and carbohydrates. Even so, fat deposits in the body are not necessarily completely gone. That is why a person’s weight can return to normal if he cannot maintain his portion and diet. Moreover, natural detox can often lead to a decrease in health conditions, such as abdominal cramps, bloating, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and even worse if not done according to the rules.

Moreover, if applied to people who suffer from certain medical conditions, such as heart, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. What is available, can worsen health conditions because it limits certain food intake that should be needed by the body, quoted from the MD Web page. In short, detox methods that severely limit calorie intake, sugar, and various other nutrients are indeed considered successful in losing weight. However, if this is done for a long period of time, it is not impossible to have adverse effects on body health.

You Want to getting a girlfriend? Some of These Things Make You Not Worthy of Being Beloved

You Want to getting a girlfriend? Some of These Things Make You Not Worthy of Being Beloved

Aug 8, 2018

for men, personality has become one of the things that women like. many women not only see the physical but also the personality and nature of the man. Unfortunately, there are still many men who don’t know the best way to get a girlfriend. Most of the men think that what is needed by a woman is perfect physical. Even though there is more than that.

There are some women who only consider a man to be a friend and not a partner. If you don’t want that, then you have to pay attention to some of these things for getting a girlfriend.

– You seem to be always kidding
If you always joke and consider your female friend as a sister, then you will be considered a man who is only worthy of being a friend. This does make your bond stronger, but you are considered not serious to face even having a higher relationship. Funny men are usually more comfortable as good friends who can remind you to see all sides in a situation.

– Easy going
If you are someone who won’t let stress affect you, then you will become a very annoying lover. With this nature, you will be worthy of being a friend but a lover. Many women always want to go to a more serious stage by getting married and not just going through it all casually.

– Too open
You who are often open to your female friends are indeed good personalities, but there are many secrets that you should not tell your friends. If you are a lover, obviously you are a lover who makes your partner uncomfortable.

– possessive
If you are a possessive person and do not like if your friends approach other men, then you are not very worthy of being a lover. Because usually women really want a man who believes in him and is not selfish or even possessive.

Things to Know Before Choosing Garage Door

Things to Know Before Choosing Garage Door

Aug 8, 2018

Generally, the garage door becomes part of the actual home facade that plays an important role in the appearance of your home. Using the right shape and garage door material is an investment for you. To make it happen, you can do these things to get the best porte de garage for your home:


Choose materials that are suitable for the climate in your home area. You can choose metal, fiberglass or wood doors. Iron and fiberglass are relatively stronger and can last for years. However, these two ingredients are not suitable for those of you who live near the sea. Iron is susceptible to corrosion, so you need special coatings or even materials that are resistant to sea air. Meanwhile, wood can look attractive and give a classic impression.

Unfortunately, if your home area is vulnerable to termites, wood can be porous in a short time. Choose fiberglass for a solution that is stronger to resist hot and cold air, and is more resistant to cracking than wood.


Choose a garage door that matches the architecture of the house. You can make the same feeling between the main door of the house and the garage door. Giving color, material, or similar accents can provide consistency in the facade of the house.


In addition to the appearance, the thing that is not less important than the garage door is actually a safety standard. Different from the door of your house, a larger garage door is more at risk of providing a gap in the security of your home.

Various objects, even large objects can easily be transported out of your house through the garage door. Consult the garage door maker company for the type of door that is right for your home. Roll, sliding, folding, or canopy doors that are suitable for the home and able to guarantee the safety of the house.


Choose a garage door that suits your family’s lifestyle. In addition to beauty and security, matching the choice of garage door types with your lifestyle is also important. Even though you like the glass on the garage door, but you have small children who are so active, it’s best to forget the use of glass. Glass is prone to rupture due to balls and various other materials.

Why Heart Beat After Drinking Coffee?

Why Heart Beat After Drinking Coffee?

Aug 6, 2018

Have you ever felt a heart-pounding after drinking coffee? The National Institutes of Health defines heart palpitations or heart palpitations as a sensation of a heartbeat that lasts faster than usual. When this happens, the heart pumps blood and only experiences momentary irregularities. It turns out that coffee is one of the causes of heart beat faster than usual. Visit our website to see some health tips.

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant for the body. When you sip coffee, the central neurotic system is stimulated. This causes signs such as increased alertness, headaches, nervousness, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Everyone reacts to caffeine in a different way. Some people do not experience any symptoms when consuming caffeine, but not a few people experience side effects after consuming caffeine.

This condition can depend on how often and how much you usually consume caffeine. If you are not used to drinking coffee, then you tend to experience heart palpitations. Or maybe your body is indeed more sensitive to caffeine which triggers a heart-pounding reaction after drinking coffee. Caffeine causes heart palpitations because it stimulates your central nervous system. The American Heart Association says, even though your heart has a regular rhythm, nerve stimulation can change the rhythm.

Although caffeine can make your heart beat faster, basically this does not endanger health. Reporting from Livestrong, about 80 cups of coffee per day is a deadly dose of caffeine. That means, when you consume enough coffee, coffee is not dangerous even though it causes heart palpitations. Drinking one to three cups of coffee a day also has a preventive effect on some diseases. His research also shows that coffee does not have a protective effect on the heart, but also does not cause harmful effects.

The stimulant effect on a coffee can cause you to have trouble sleeping or disturbing the stomach which can affect your health. If you have a heart condition, consult with a doctor about how many cups of coffee are safe for you.