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How to Clean Granite Floors to Stay Shiny

How to Clean Granite Floors to Stay Shiny

Jan 6, 2019

The value of the theme from the granite ground causes many people involved in fixing this floor at home. The cost of granite grounds also serves to be expensive related to common tile floors. In addition, this type of floor also requires extra care. Because, if not washed correctly, the color of your granite floor can convert depressed. As a result, you should find a method to clean the old granite floor to replace the golden color of your floor. Want to know how to clean the right granite floor to keep it shiny every day? Take it easy, our carpet cleaning sydney is ready to help you! To prevent the color of the granite floor from becoming dull and appearing authoritative, you should clean the granite floor every day. How to polish granite grounds on a regular footing, you can do as if you were mopping the floor every day. If required, do granite floor scrubbing machines and special extracts to mop the granite grounds. However, if you do not have a machine and appropriate fluid cleansing granite floors, it doesn’t matter if you use a mop stick and water only. Daily cleaning is only used to keep the floor clean and hygienic.

The beauty of granite floors can be seen clearly when the floor looks shiny. So, how to polish the dull granite floor? Perform special cleaning on a weekly basis using well water, avoid using tap water containing minerals and chlorine. Also, use liquid granite floor polish to make your floor shinier. You can do this particular washing once a week to hold your floor glow clear. If you regularly wash spots on tile floors with all kinds of tools possible, you can’t just do any type of machine to clean granite floors anymore. Dodge accessories that can create abrasion on the floor, such as abrasive sponges or rough towels. Use a tissue or soft cloth to clean the granite floor. When there are stains on the granite floor, you can immediately take a bucket, warm water, and dishwashing liquid soap to clean the stain.

Make sure you use a soft mop to remove stains on the granite floor. After wiping the floor with a mop soaked in a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid soap, rinse the mop with clean water and wipe it on the floor to remove soap residue. Polish the floor with a clean microfiber cloth to remove water spots that can fade the color of the floor.

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Damaged Central Lock of the Vehicle: How to Repair It

Damaged Central Lock of the Vehicle: How to Repair It

Jan 6, 2019

So, do you want to hire Car Keys Dublin service to repair or check if there is something happen to your car central lock? A central lock is a feature that makes it easy to lock and open the car door, because just by pressing a single button, then all the doors will be locked or closed replacement car keys special offers . However, if for some reason the central lock is damaged, then the door locking process becomes difficult because it needs to be done manually for each door. Central lock jams are usually the cause of damage to these parts. This damage can occur in some central lock parts or only in one of the installed central lock car equipment. Therefore, repairing a damaged or jammed central lock is the most appropriate action so that features that allow locking and unlocking car doors are recovered. Central Lock consists of:

* Motor Central Lock

Which is often called the Lock Actuator or Central Lock Gun, which consists of 2 (two) types, namely Master Central Lock which consists of 5 (five) cables and Slave Central Lock which consists of 2 (two) cables? This Master Central Lock functions to set another motor lock (Slave Central Lock) which consists of 2 cables when this master moves lock, the other motor lock also locks, so also if the master is open, then all slave central lock (2 cables) will open.

* Central Lock Module

This section functions as a relay or forwards commands from the main motor lock (master central lock) to lock and open. This Central Lock Module consists of a circuit board consisting of lines and electronic electrical equipment to regulate the work of Motor Central Lock.

* Connecting wire

This is a connection from the motor lock to the car locking drive, so that if the car lock is moved properly with the key or lock button, then the motor lock will also move.

* Cable Set

This cable serves to connect Motor Central Lock with the Central Lock Module.

The Aircon Company to Choose

The Aircon Company to Choose

Dec 26, 2018

The best aircon repair singapore is a company that offers a service to repair, install, take care of your air conditioner. Marvelous aircon also famous as an aircon repair Singapore. This air conditioner servicing company is very professionals. They are using the latest technology and equipment to service, install, clean, repair your air conditioner. For any further information, you can visit their website for sure.

As mentioned before, marvelous aircon company is very professionals. They are hiring an experienced and skilled person to take care of your air conditioner. They also provide quality air conditioning services that are based on their principles of efficiency and effectiveness. Marvelous aircon can do anything with your air conditioner. They can do normal servicing, chemical wash, chemical overhaul, gas topping, and troubleshooting. For normal servicing, they will check and clean the air filter, front panel and cover, check the deodorizing and purifying filter, clean and check the indoor evaporator coil, indoor drainage tray, vacuum the drainage system, check the fan bearing and lubrication, and check the compressor suction and discharge pressure.

For chemical wash, they will clean and check the air filter, front panel and cover, check the deodorising and the purifying filter, apply the antibacterial spray, clean and check the indoor evaporator coil and indoor drainage tray, vacuum the drainage system, check the fan bearing and lubrication if needed, check the compressor suction and discharge pressure, top up the air conditioner gar, and tighten the electrical contacts.

For chemical overhaul, marvelous aircon will lubricate the fan bearing to make sure that your air conditioner didn’t produce any annoying sound. Checks the thermostats and controls of the unit, cleans pipes, blower wheel and drain pans with appropriate chemicals. Cleans fan evaporator coil to facilitate the smooth transfer of heat without the build-up of dust and grime. Last, they will replace the faulty bearings and eliminates operational noise.

Mecca at the time of prophet Abraham and Ismail

Mecca at the time of prophet Abraham and Ismail

Dec 10, 2018

The history of the founding of Mecca City cannot be separated from two important figures, namely Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. The city of Mecca, which is now so crowded and has an important role in the world of Islam, was pioneered by two human choices of Allah SWT umrah ground package . In the meantime, check out the excellent umrah ground package as well.

History writes that the Prophet Ibrahim took his family to Mecca, then by Allah’s order, he and his son left his wife.
Before leaving them Prophet Ibrahim prayed to Allah SWT:

“Yes, our Rabb, I have placed a portion of my descendants in a valley that has no plants near Your house which is respected.

Yes, our rabb is so that they establish prayer, so make the hearts of some people tend to them and give them fortune from fruits, hopefully, they will be grateful. “(Ibrahim: 37)

Then the Prophet Ibrahim left, After being thirsty because of the lack of water, Ismail set foot on the ground. And with His power came the waters of zam-zam.

By chance pass by the tribe of Jurhum who just returned from Sham. When they saw the water, they asked permission from Hajar and Ismail to stay nearby. Finally, Hajar and Ismail stayed with them. So that they are the first inhabitants of the city of Mecca.

A few years later Prophet Ibrahim returned. He saw that the valley had changed; there are already water sources, and there are people who live there with their wives and children, the Jurhum tribe.

The Prophet Ismail had begun to grow and blend with the community. Mecca also became a place for foreigners to stop and the light of religion appeared there.

Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail were ordered to build the Ka’bah. When the building was completed, Prophet Ibrahim was ordered to call on people to go to the Ka’bah for a pilgrimage.

There came those whom Allah wanted to perform the Hajj, thus they were the first pilgrims. Since then, the city has become vibrant and famous among the Arab community.

Prophet Ismail lived for 130 years. In the span of a century, he experienced two marriages. The first wife of the Qathura tribe and the second from Jurhum.

His father, Prophet Ibrahim, had come to the house of Prophet Ismail in the Hijaz, but they did not meet at that time. Prophet Ibrahim only met the wife of Prophet Ismail.

Hearing many complaints from the daughter-in-law, finally, Prophet Ibrahim told his son Prophet Ismail to divorce his wife. Then marry the Prophet Ismail with a woman from the Jurhum tribe.

The Prophet Ismail took care of the Ka’bah for some time. He was awarded 12 children from his marriage to Jurhum women. The children of Prophet Ismail were assigned to care for the Ka’bah, teach the Hajj rituals, and educate the pilgrims with the teachings of tawhid.

Starting to find your lovely equipment of golf

Starting to find your lovely equipment of golf

Dec 10, 2018

Everyone must have different choices of favorite kinds of sports that they want to play every time they need a break time for a while. Usually that is the sport that they really like so much bangkok golf . They do not worry to spend some cost to obtain the proper set of the game as long as they can enjoy the game. For people that live in big cities, playing a favorite sport also means refreshing their mind after dealing with numerous deadlines on the office. In the other words, to play sport such as golf at Bangkok golf is necessary to do for some people.

You should be thankful that you like doing sport. It is something worthy to balance your life. It is reasonable that you have to be grateful as there are many people that feel lazy to do some sport. Living in a hectic city requires you to be smart to manage your life so that you will not feel much pressured as you have an activity to solve it. It is normal that you find some people that are quite serious at their sport hobbies. In this case, they are even willing to spend much money to obtain quality equipment.

With quality equipment, they expect for their better performance on the game and feel more confident to lead the game. It is not such a matter as long as they feel satisfied with the game. By this way, it is possible for them to make their day fun.

As you have spent your days off with refreshing activities such as playing golf, you may be ready to start your Monday. This is all about keeping yourself to be steady to deal with your abundant deadlines at the office. This is likely to be one of the alternatives that you may consider.

The Right Choice Of Carpet According To Your Needs

The Right Choice Of Carpet According To Your Needs

Dec 9, 2018

Is the carpet just to complement and beautify the room? Or carpet to create an atmosphere in the room? Yes, along with a variety of carpet choices, the use of carpets is also increasingly diverse. So, determine first what kind of carpet do you need? In the meantime , look at this to find out more about a trusted carpet cleaning company.

After that, find the right one by recognizing the following types of carpet:

Types of Carpet Based on the Shape

Tapestry Carpet

These carpets are often found in relaxed rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms. Usually, carpet rugs are used to beautify the room and seat, to make it more relaxed and warm.

Meter Carpet

These carpets are sold in meters with sizes that can be adjusted to the needs of buyers. Many are found in places of worship, for prayer mats or on certain occasions.

Type of Carpet Based on the Construction

Cut Pile / Tuften (Tufted)

Generally made by machines and has feathers. Also called fur rugs with textures like hair or without weaving.

Loop Pile (Dianyam)

On the contrary, this carpet fur is connected or woven. Some are made by machine and some are embroidered by hand.

Types of Carpet Based on Motives


The motif is thick with artistic elements with lots of garnish on the edges. For example, like a Persian rug.


The motif is simpler but gives the impression of elegance. Combining elements of line and color, to create an atmosphere of balance and harmony.

Types of Carpet Based on the Material

Silk Carpet

This high-quality natural fiber material is always luxuriously designed. Its texture is smooth, soft, strong hues, and provides high comfort. The price is one of the most expensive and is suitable for you who want to give the best aesthetics in a room.

Wool Carpet

One of the favorite carpet materials for many people. Wool carpets tend to be durable, fire, water and stain. The shape is thick, strong, and has a color that is not easy to fade. Wool can last up to 30 years if treated properly.



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