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80% of Teens Don’t Know the Difference Between Advertising and News on the Internet

80% of Teens Don’t Know the Difference Between Advertising and News on the Internet

Jan 9, 2018

For a site owner, advertising becomes one of the big revenue sources. No wonder, if an ad is placed in sections that invite the visitor to click on it. However, who would have thought, based on research by researchers from Stanford University, 80 percent of teenagers in the United States was not able to distinguish between advertising and news on the internet. It can actually be a good opportunity for business people because you can easily promote your product or service without the reader realizing it. One way that you can do is to use the services of Craigslist Posting Service. Besides, with the help of Craigslist Posting Service, you will be able to promote your product or services through the internet at an affordable price.

Research conducted by Stanford aims to determine the level of literacy news among American youth. They are asked to respond to posts that appear on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, photos, and others. As a result, the researchers collected 7,804 responses from students living in 12 American states.

The researchers said the results of this study show how low the level of perception of teenagers in the United States. Many consider the adolescent as a party who has the ability to smoothly in social media. Considered know how to get information correctly in social media. However, who would have thought that if the assumption was wrong 180 degrees.

The facts revealed by researchers from Stanford University is indeed only done in America. However, looking at similar phenomena in several countries in Asia did not rule out that the same thing also happened in Asia. Moreover, both in America and in Asia, currently facing the same problem. Namely, the spread of false news. Therefore, every internet user must have the ability to obtain accurate information. However, if they can’t differentiate ads and news, how teens can find accurate news?

Meditation: Focusing the Mind, Closer to God

Meditation: Focusing the Mind, Closer to God

Jan 6, 2018

How can meditation enlighten life? Like an oasis when we are in the middle of the desert, soothing hearts to cultivate gratitude and proof that God is real. Meditation is not just concentrating on thinking and reflecting but in the contemplation, we are led to find solutions to mapping the self by minimizing the shortcomings and optimizing the advantages. Perhaps we have slumped or failed to fulfill our dreams but that the past is not always remembered but its bitterness is taken as a lesson, some things that might be learned so that the same failure never recur, “Discard the bad take the good”. That’s where the purpose of meditation: to keep us focused on the present to process the future. The method of meditation will help control the flow of the mind, so the weight problem does not gain weight, and small problems do not become heavy. Attitude will become more stable and positive

Meditating, reflecting on the positive side of us will bring self-closeness to the Creator. When it comes to a dead end, suffering defeats and deep disappointments often keeps us alienated, cursing ourselves to blame the environment or even realizing it or not blaming fate for the suffering experienced, here is where meditation works.

Meditation is also able to make us more united with the natural surroundings, recognizing how abundant the gift of God makes as one of the reasons how much enlightening. As we often hear and believe: strive your way in reaching for grace, glowing dreams of the sky, the universe will help you, make the prayers make it real.

Meditation helps the realization of positive thinking to oneself, realizing how the environment is the proof of the abundance of God’s gifts. This is where meditation serves to improve the quality of life better than ever so that health is born to the body. As the motto Men Sana In Corpore Sano: In a healthy soul, there is a strong soul.

5 Ways to look for employees for a small business

5 Ways to look for employees for a small business

Dec 17, 2017

Being a dilemma experience when you are just starting your new small business has a big advantage but it’s been faced with a small workload that forces you the only option of hiring employees. In the meantime, you may need to call the outsourcing service call center if you look for the finest employees.

A lot of things to consider before accepting someone to work in our new place of business, the person will become the new face of the business because maybe it is only he is the one who became the center of attention. Seeing the above fact we cannot be arbitrary in choosing employees, Your business reputation can be suddenly destroyed when you are wrong in choosing an employee.

How to Find Employees for Small Businesses, What should you look at during the employee recruitment process?

Describe the full picture of the job

Giving a clear job description is what you should do before hiring someone. Do not let him leave the workplace before completing his duties and do not let you finish their work. That way they can account for their obligations and can prepare themselves for the picture you give.

Use a standard evaluation

You can use a form containing a list of questions about what information you need to know about your employees’ work. This can save you time and more efficiently to do the same job over and over again.

The actual competency test

Once you sort out the incoming CV and sort the employees you think are reasonably skilled, the next thing you should do is demonstrate your work and be followed by your employees. After that select the most competent and responsible employees in order to complete the task with satisfactory results.

Knowing employee motivation

What makes someone willing to work for you, is he really dedicated to your efforts, or is it just using your place of business as a jumping-up stone? The real reason an employee works where you must know that you are not bothered by continuous recruitment and cost, energy, and your time. That way you can finish your project on target.

You must have a reference

Investigate if your employee has a previous criminal record, what is the reason he quit his previous job, whether he was doing well in the first place. The phone where his business used to work to get this information. You will have a more accurate reference to your employees.

Financial tips for having a good life in your 30s

Financial tips for having a good life in your 30s

Dec 7, 2017

Age 30 years is a phase of a person has grown. In addition to already have income and own life, you are well established to marry. For you who have not married, there are some tips and tricks you can do to prepare for more complex things. Of course, you should start thinking about what your life will be like when you reach 30 years of age. Aside from that, you can also check out the Chad Arrington website for more business and financial tips.

Here are the tips that you can follow:

1. Make spending priorities.

This is the first and hardest thing you should do first. Are you aware, how much money have you spent on unimportant purposes?

Maybe it’s time to start reflecting on the lifestyle you’re living. Then make a shopping list of your spending priorities as needed.

Calculate your every need and adjust your income. Never buy goods solely simply personal desires that you do not necessarily need.

2. Begin to set the next career path.

As you age 30, you will begin to face major changes. You will get married and have offspring that require the considerable cost.

You must understand how much you can develop in your current job. Whether there will be a promising career ladder or not.

Although there is none, you should be able to improve the quality of yourself. For example by continuing to increase the skills needed for career advancement.

3. Prepare emergency funds well.

These funds will be invaluable when things happen unexpectedly. Everyone must have different emergency funds.

The amount of the amount depends on the amount of one’s monthly expenses and our financial condition. Ideally, the emergency fund is divided into three kinds, namely:

3 times the monthly expenses for a single person.

6 times monthly expenses for young couples (no children).

12 times monthly expenses for families who already have children.

As long as you are determined, you will be able to have an emergency fund even if you have to install installments gradually.

Bitcoin? What are the Benefits and Their Usability?

Bitcoin? What are the Benefits and Their Usability?

Dec 4, 2017

Some time ago, the digital world was busy with the emergence of bitcoin as a transaction tool or digital currency. Bitcoin is a virtual currency developed in 2009. Found by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonym). This currency is like a Dollar, Pound Sterling, Rupiah, or other currencies, but only in the digital world. The concept may sound like e-Gold, though it is actually much different. Bitcoin developers assume that a good currency is not controlled by the government or central bank. According to him, the financial crisis some time ago confirmed that the government is always negligent in maintaining economic stability. Bitcoin became popular since 2014, the digital currency is quite volatile. This makes it a trend as well as new options for transactions in the internet world. Can be analogous to “gold mine” (or other precious metals minerals). Because Bitcoin is very valuable, it is not uncommon for people to keep Bitcoin in a tight way, such as by securing the existence of Bitcoin by inserting into the ledger wallet Australia.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ledger wallet Australia, this product is the first that launched the Australian side by applying some process in accessing your Bitcoin assets. There are shaped USB drives and some have the touch screen and connected to Bluetooth, you can use especially ledger nano which is very good to keep your Bitcoin existence. Miners are those who dedicate their computer resources to solve mathematical problems, through “heavy” calculations. This digital currency has a system that is much different from conventional money. The government is always believed to be dominated by corruptors and only works for personal gain, so financial decisions always take sides with the conglomerate. This concept appeals to many people especially for cyberspace surfers and geek (non-mainstream people) in the IT world. They begin to invest their assets in the form of bitcoin. Meanwhile, the world’s economy is increasingly unstable. Proven with the banking crisis of America and Europe. Bitcoin is believed to be a currency and a universal commodity so that prices will continue to soar.

Xero vs. MYOB: the best one to choose from

Xero vs. MYOB: the best one to choose from

Nov 9, 2017

When it comes to the use of bookkeeping and accounting software, xero is one of the options you can choose for better business xero. If you want to use that software in your own business, there are things you should know first.

Have you ever known if Xero is the missing piece against MYOB? This program has gradually added quoting, payroll purchase orders, inventory, and multiple addresses on the contact. Occupation costing is customarily observed as a basic segment of a bookkeeping framework and was absent in Xero.

Xero Projects isn’t like employment costing in MYOB. Shockingly, Xero did not actualize work costing as an additional trait on an exchange line. We as a whole anticipated that undertakings would be like following classes in Xero. Following classes is an esteem that you can allocate to receipt lines, charge lines, bank exchange lines, and diaries. Be that as it may, Xero actualized Projects in an unexpected way.

You also need to know that Xero or your new accounting system can’t handle serious job tracking. If you want to handle the serious job tracking, it’s good to talk with your software provider or go to find the most suitable system.

Xero Projects appears like a decent answer for organizations that are not utilizing anything aside from spreadsheets to track extend gainfulness. These organizations will profit gigantically from having a solitary dashboard demonstrating all tasks, their advance, and always remembering to receipt for a venture. It gives them a chance to make a task, record time and costs, and bill for time and material or by settled cost.

Is it too complicated to learn everything about cloud-based accounting system like Xero? When you want to use and benefit from it, you will have the reason and way to gain more info about it, which also helps you understand all about that great software.