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Play Water Game by Try Arung Jeram

Play Water Game by Try Arung Jeram

Sep 2, 2018

Arung jeram or also know as a rafting is a ride that being played in a fast flowing river. This ride is can be categorized as a water sport. Arung jeram is not always for sport, some of them made this ride just for fun. For example in Dufan. Arung jeram dufan is an artificial arung jeram or rafting. Dufan is using a water pump to make an artificial river.

This extreme water sport, arung jeram and tornado dufan is made for the one who brave enough, loves nature, and love being challenged. This water sport can’t be played for the one who can’t swim and not brave enough. Because there are always possibilities to get injured or fell from the boat.

However, for the one who curious about arung jeram and want to try it but not brave enough, you may try arung jeram in Dufan. As mentioned before, arung jeram dufan is an artificial rafting. They are not using n inflatable boat but they are using a huge circle boat that is working with the help of a machine. So, you just have to sit down on the side of the boat and wear a seatbelt. You don’t have to row your boat to make it move forward.

There is also a possibility to get injured in arung jeram dufan. So, you have to follow the rules and the instruction. You have to wear your seatbelt and sit properly. Arung jeram dufan also have rules. For the one who wants to play arung jeram in dufan must have a height of above 125cm. For the one who has a height of under 125cm, you are not allowed to play this ride. Because it might be a danger to you.

The real arung jeram also need an extra preparation. For example, you have to wear a safety kit. You have to do warm up before start doing this sport and many more.

Dufan is the best choice for your vacation day

Dufan is the best choice for your vacation day

Aug 31, 2018

In a city that doesn’t have too many tourist attractions, Dufan seems to have answered the need for recreation for its citizens. Like most busy urban communities, families generally choose Dufan for vacation because of its close proximity, which is within the Ancol drream park area so there is no need to leave the city. The cost for recreation here is not too big when compared to a vehicle that can be tried. In addition, the Ancol area which is a coastal area in the city of Jakarta can be a means of introducing nature to children harga tiket masuk ancol 2018.

There are many interesting games with high technology and guaranteed security since dufan mati incident that you can try. You can try to boost adrenaline by trying the game in Dufan. For example a tornado, where when you are at a certain height, your body will be played for many times at high speed. Or Kora-Kora, like a big boat, you will be swung to a position of almost 90 degrees so that the body is almost perpendicular to the ground. Lightning will also boost your adrenaline, by riding the 6 carriage train, this train will run at a very high speed, then bend quickly and the peak will rotate with the position facing the ground. Power Surge or Kicir-Kicir must be tried, a game that will lift your chair, turn around and will flip through your body.

To enjoy the spectacle of the simulator, there is a Turbo Tour simulator theater with chairs that can move around so that it makes you feel like you are feeling what is on the film. In order not to get bored, the manager periodically changes the film to be watched. This spectacle is even though it’s short but it’s quite tense and makes your adventure in Dufan even more interesting. In addition to vehicles with high technology, there are also unique buildings. Like Lorong Sesat, buildings with glass walls will make it difficult for you to find a way out. You can also enter the house of Rango-rango. This American-style building made with sloping floors will make you feel a different sensation. There is also a shooting arena, entering basketball into the ring or other agility games. Water bikes or walking in a ball above the water can also be tried all of this rides have their own safety so if event like dufan mati ever happen again they will be ready.

Arung Jeram Destination

Arung Jeram Destination

Aug 30, 2018

Arung jeram or also known as rafting is can be categorized as a sport, water sport. Arung jeram working on a fast flowing river. The participants will move around the river in an inflatable boat. This water sport can be categorized as an extreme sport. For those who are not brave enough, you are not recommended to try this sport. But if you want to, you may try this water sport at Dufan. Arung jeram dufan is not using the real fast flowing river so it may be less terrifying.

For those who love water sport or extreme sport, you may try arung jeram. Not the one in Dufan but the one in these areas. First of all, these location using the real fast flowing river, and for those who can’t swim, you are not recommended to play in here but you can tell the instructor that you can’t swim so they will take care of you.

For those who live around Aceh or for the one who wants to go to Aceh, you may try Alas River in South Aceh. The journey in Alas River starts from Muarasitulan until Gelombang. For those who are expert at arung jeram, you may start from Angusan near Blangkejeran. This area is still traditional. While you were doing this water sport, all the denizen in there will friendly welcome.

Next, we have Asahan River in North Sumatera. Asahan River is perfect for those who are expert at this water sport. This river is very challenging. This river is in grade 4 until 5. Asahan River has very high current. Some people usually use this river for national even international competition. Asahan River is a top 3 river for arung jeram in the world. This river has a length of 22km from Tangga Village.

Hire a maid to help you do the chores

Hire a maid to help you do the chores

Jun 7, 2018

Sometimes you feel that it is hard for you to always do the house chores. There are many things that need to be cleaned up and you don’t have anyone to help you do your job. It might be easy for you to just leave it and clean it up when you already set up your mood or maybe set up a one cleaning day. But since you are a tidy person, then you can’t just leave your house untidy and you need to clean it every day. Hiring a maid can become the best choice for you since they can help you to do your chores. Price List can help you to know the prices of a maid that you can hire. The other prices that you can see on this website are AMC ticket prices, restaurant prices and many other prices that you might need to know later.

Hiring a maid can really help you to easily do your chores. Maybe you can split your work with your maid to do your house chores. In Price List’s website, you can see many companies who can offer you the best maid. You just need to choose the one that you think can help you to do your chores and also give you the affordable prices. Before you can hire a maid, you still need to prepare for the budget that you need to pay for the maid. Price List can help you to pick the best maid company that can offer you the price that worth for you. You can also compare one company with the other company to make up your mind. This website really helps you whenever you want to know any information about prices of business that you might need later in the future.

Know Your Personality Through Your Favorite Movies

Know Your Personality Through Your Favorite Movies

May 2, 2018

Almost everyone likes watching movies. How not, you can forget for a moment your problems and be brought into a new world different from you. Not to mention you will be presented with your favorite actor or actress. But usually, each person has his taste in watching a movie. Anyone likes horror movies, comedy, or romantic. You can watch MoviesHD by download our application.

Well, it turns out every genre of this movie can describe your traits and personality. What type are you? Find out through your favorite movie genres below!

1. Science fiction / fantasy

If you like watching movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Interstellar, and Star Wars, you are a creative person and have a strong imagination. You’re used to thinking out of the box and can always surprise people around you with brilliant ideas. You include people who are open to new things, but you will also hold your principles firmly.

2. Comedy

People who like comedy movies are people who love to laugh and make others laugh. You are also not ashamed to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you make. Sometimes you will run away from problems, but that does not mean you can not be relied upon. You know that life is hard, so you choose to deal with it with a smile and a laugh.

3. Action / adventure

Anyway, if the movie is full of action against crime or an exciting adventure with a big mission, you must watch it. Movies like the X-Men series, Iron Man, and the like have become your must-see spectacle. You have great courage and you are not afraid to defend what you think is right, including your principles and values. You are also always looking for new adventures and risks to explore.

4. Horror

If people immediately refuse when invited to watch Paranormal Activity, Conjuring, or Anabelle, you are very enthusiastic. Well, this means you are a straightforward and frank person. If there is a problem, your friends will usually run to you for help and advice because of your honesty and courage.

Tips to Experience Disneyland to The Fullest

Tips to Experience Disneyland to The Fullest

Aug 11, 2017

As you already know, Disneyland is an amusement park that many people love to go to in order to get one of the best entertainment they can get. This article will provide tips on how to experience a fun experience in Disneyland, minimize waiting times, and maximize the fun gained. The discussion, then, will be in the following:

– Buy tickets early

Instead of lining up in the amusement park to buy tickets, you should buy them on the official Disneyland ticket purchase website. If you successfully booked tickets early, the tickets can be sent home before you go there. In addition, you can also download electronic ticket or e-ticket and print it directly from the email. You can also get cheaper tickets on other websites.

– Look for promotions

Disney sometimes holds promotions that provide an additional day for a multi-day ticket at no extra cost. Then, you should know what tickets will be purchased. If you just want to visit Disneyland Park instead of any other amusement parks, you do not need to buy ParkHopper tickets. You simply buy tickets for one park (one-park ticket) only. If you plan to park at Disneyland, you can also buy parking tickets on the internet.

– Arrive at the amusement park early

Morning is a good time to visit the amusement park because the place is empty, the weather is cool, and the mood of the children is still good. You can get FastPass and ride some of the popular rides before the amusement park is full of people. Usually, people start to line up at the park gate an hour before the park opened.

If you want to ride the ride a popular ride, then, you need to consider riding the ride in the morning before many families arrive because the queue will be very long.