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Temukan hal positif yang bisa anda lakukan sebagai penyandang disabilitas

Temukan hal positif yang bisa anda lakukan sebagai penyandang disabilitas

Jan 7, 2019

Meskipun sekarang anda hidup dengan kekurangan, bukan berarti anda tidak dapat melakukan berbagai hal positif yang dapat menjadikan anda pribadi yang lebih baik, serta lebih bermanfaat bagi masyarakat. Kali ini, kami akan berbagi tips dengan anda tentang hal-hal positif yang dapat anda lakukan sebagai seorang penyandang disabilitas kompasiana .

Menjadi sukarelawa

Kesukarelawanan adalah cara yang bagus untuk merasa lebih produktif dan seperti Anda membuat perbedaan. Dan itu adalah sesuatu yang dapat Anda lakukan bahkan jika Anda memiliki mobilitas terbatas atau tidak dapat bekerja. Pilih alasan yang membuat Anda bersemangat dan cari tahu bagaimana Anda bisa terlibat. Ada banyak peluang di luar sana — banyak di antaranya bahkan dapat dilakukan dari rumah.

Kembangkan hobi dan aktivitas baru yang membuat Anda bahagia

Kecacatan dapat membuat kegiatan yang Anda nikmati lebih sulit, atau bahkan tidak mungkin. Tetapi tetap bertunangan akan membuat perbedaan besar dalam kesehatan mental Anda. Cari cara kreatif untuk berpartisipasi secara berbeda di favorit lama, atau ambil kesempatan ini untuk mengembangkan minat baru.

Temukan cara untuk memberi kembali kepada mereka yang membantu Anda

Ketika Anda dinonaktifkan, Anda sering harus menerima banyak bantuan dari teman dan keluarga. Ini bukanlah hal yang buruk! Tetapi itu akan membuat Anda merasa baik jika Anda menemukan cara untuk membalas. Misalnya, mungkin Anda hebat dalam menggunakan komputer dan dapat membantu anggota keluarga yang kesulitan teknologi. Atau mungkin Anda seorang pendengar yang baik, teman-teman Anda tahu mereka dapat diandalkan ketika mereka membutuhkan seseorang untuk diajak bicara. Bahkan hal-hal sekecil kartu ucapan terima kasih atau jumlah pujian yang tulus.

Pelihara binatang

Merawat hewan peliharaan adalah cara yang bagus untuk keluar dari diri sendiri dan memberi Anda perasaan dibutuhkan. Dan sementara hewan bukan pengganti hubungan manusia, mereka dapat membawa sukacita dan kerekanan dalam hidup Anda dan membantu Anda merasa kurang terisolasi. Jika Anda tidak dapat memiliki hewan peliharaan, ada cara lain untuk menemukan persahabatan hewan, termasuk menjadi relawan di tempat penampungan hewan atau kantor dokter hewan setempat.

How to heal your post accident injury in simple and safe method

How to heal your post accident injury in simple and safe method

Jan 4, 2019

Lower back pain is a complicated condition that has several causes. One of the most common causes of this is to overuse the back muscles. Doing activities that the body does not use as individuals can also be a cause of lower back pain. Auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville pain treatment and prevention have some similarities in some aspects and both are really necessary because injury as leaving can cause chronic auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville back pain. Treatment of low back pain also consists of warm compresses, medications, and several forms of therapy that really have a positive effect on individuals. Warm compresses can really help to soothe stiff muscles that have overworked or used. As a lower form of back pain treatment, drugs and medicines that are usually prominent in the doctor’s recommendations.

Although lower back pain treats the positive effects of drugs and drugs, many of which may have ultimately unwanted effects on the liver and other organs. Auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville therapy are also effective forms of treatment options for lower back pain. Massage therapy is done by manipulating individual muscles and tissues to relieve tension and stiffness while hydro massage therapy is similar unless a special tool used for facilitating manipulation and heat is also used. This auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville can be considered as lower back pain treatment also if this tool is used to reduce it.

Exercise is a common way to prevent lower back pain. This auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville can be considered as an id of low back pain treatment used to relieve back pain and pain. Bending exercises, for all parties, is one of the exercises commonly used to prevent back pain again. This is very visible because one of the main causes of back pain is the use or abuse of the back muscles. Strengthening your back muscles helps to make them ready for heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Learning how to lift and have a better posture is also a way to lower back pain treatment and prevention. There are certain ways that one must lift things that are heavy from the ground or from an elevated surface. Although, the auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville prevention aspect of lower back pain may be too superficial, there are benefits.

Retreats in Peru

Retreats in Peru

Jan 2, 2019

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant that is useful for medicine. The people or tribe around that sacred plant has been using that sacred plant for many years. This sacred plant, ayahuasca, is come from South American Amazon. This sacred plant is very useful for healing any kind of pain. From physical pain until spiritual pain. Therefore, ayahuasca healings provide retreats ayahuasca in Peru. Don’t worry, ayahuasca peru legal.

Some of you may be wondering why we mentioned that ayahuasca retreats in Peru is legal. The benefits that were given by ayahuasca is more like drugs. But ayahuasca is not drugs. When you consume this sacred plant, you will feel more relax and feels like you were reborn and feels like doesn’t have any obstacles in your life anymore. Therefore, this sacred plant was questionable legality. We can say that ayahuasca retreats in Peru is legal because from the people around Peru is very welcome. They also the master of ayahuasca. So they will be the leader for our retreats.

In this retreats, there will be so many ceremonies that will help you to clean up the blockages in your body. so you will feel freer from negativity and feel like you were reborn. Not only renew yourself, in this retreats, you will be spoiled by the view. Peru has a very wonderful view. They have so many paintings murals and other arts that will spoil your eyes. Not only their arts but also their environment. Since Peru is rarely visited by visitors or tourist, the environment they have is still natural. The people or tribe around this are very welcome. So you will be led by them throughout the event. They will help you to heal up yourself until you truly feel relax, renew, reborn, and many more.

Ways to Help Alcoholics

Ways to Help Alcoholics

Dec 19, 2018

Drug or alcohol abuse is a complex disease. “Addiction” is a disease that causes motivational dysfunction, reward systems, and brain memory circuits. This condition will cause people who experience it to seek gifts or feelings of relief by using various substances, usually causing health, personal, and social risks. You can learn more about this on our website.

Dependence and addiction to various substances are supported by a variety of factors that can contribute, including a person’s biological power, personal and social experience, and the psychological side. Because addiction is truly complex, the handling must be done by professional staff. To help someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, you can learn about offer support, material abuse, and take care of yourself so that you remain strong.

Trying to change other people’s actions usually results in frustration, because you cannot control their behavior. However, you can change your own behavior.

For example, your friend is addicted to alcohol, avoid drinking alcohol around him. Offer other choices for socializing, such as going to a game station instead of a bar.

Remember that you are not responsible for the behavior of others or the consequences of all these behaviors. For example, if substance abuse disrupts a person’s ability to do work, you are not responsible for helping him. Doing this might actually make the person continue his habit of abusing substances.

You don’t have to find reasons for it or cover up bad habits. Don’t also give money to buy various substances.

Set limits. These restrictions are intended to protect all parties. You will also be awake from feeling tortured, manipulated, or confronted in a dangerous situation. All of these restrictions can also help your loved ones know about the behavior of what you can and cannot do. For example, someone might be rude to you, especially when he uses illegal substances. This behavior should not be tolerated, however, depending on your level of closeness with it, you might be able to compromise a little.

The Dangers of Narcotics in your family and society

The Dangers of Narcotics in your family and society

Dec 14, 2018

The dangers of drugs can no longer be mentioned, death, addiction, and gloomy future are some of them. Like illegal drugs, drugs automatically have hazards and the effects are also negative for many things and fields. All people certainly know that drugs should not be consumed because all religions prohibit this except in certain conditions such as medical needs. On the other hand, you might also need to read more about countermeasures you’ll need to fight drugs addiction.

Dangers of Drugs for Families

Damaging the family image. Drug users must know how damaged the family image is when other people know there is something wrong with their family who is a user. Families and other people will exclude the user and stay away. In addition, all attitudes from the family and others will affect the user themselves.

Become Parent in the family. The family will be very troubled because you have to endure your addiction. In various aspects such as finance and even later if you are caught by the police.

Divorce (for those who are married). Who wants to be with addicts during his life which is definitely gloomy? divorce is definitely the way.

The future of children is also destroyed. Seeing your behavior and health, the child will indirectly destroy his future

The Dangers of Drugs for the Community Environment

Increased crime. Drug addicts are definitely looking for all the ways to get these illicit goods, one of which is to commit criminal acts such as stealing, prostituting themselves, and even killing. Because of mental and mental disorders, drug users will be very easy to carry out criminal activities.

Starting from stealing, killing, to raping. What’s more, upheld for continuing to have money to buy drugs. Users will lose their sense of awareness and justify all means.

Damaging the nation’s future. The more young people who consume drugs, the more damaged the future of their nation will be.

Harm the surrounding environment. Being around drug addicts will have an impact on the behavior of criminal actions. Then the community in that environment will also be a potential victim of the crime.

Asocial. Drug addicts tend to apply asocial to the surrounding environment.

The side effects and the utilization of cannabis

The side effects and the utilization of cannabis

Dec 6, 2018

Of all types of drugs, marijuana is considered a safe narcotics compared to putaw or methamphetamine. But in fact most drug addicts start by trying marijuana. Marijuana influences concentration and memory, and often cannabis users will look for drugs that are harder and more deadly. The use of marijuana easily loses concentration, the pulse tends to increase, the body’s balance and coordination becomes worse, fear, panic, depression, confusion and hallucinating. Meanwhile, check out the strawberry cough strain if you want to know more about cannabis for medical treatment.

The general negative effect is that when you suck, the user will become lazy and the brain will be slow in thinking. However, this is still a matter of controversy, because it is not fully agreed upon by certain groups that support medical marijuana and marijuana in general.

The effects produced also vary for each individual, where in certain groups there are effects that make them lazy, while there are groups that become active, especially in creative thinking (not physically active like the effects produced by Methamphetamine).

Utilization of Marijuana

Marijuana plants have been known to humans for a long time and are used as bag-making ingredients because the fibers they produce are strong. Cannabis seeds are also used as an oil source.

However, because marijuana is also known as a source of narcotics and this use is more economic in value, people are planting more on this and in many places it is misused. In some countries planting marijuana is completely prohibited. In some other countries, cannabis cultivation is permitted for the benefit of using the fiber. The condition is that the varieties planted must contain very low or no narcotics ingredients.

Before there was a strict prohibition on planting marijuana, in Aceh, cannabis leaves were a component of vegetables and were commonly served. For users, dried marijuana leaves were burned and smoked like cigarettes, and could also be sucked with a special instrument called bong.

Marijuana, until this moment, has never been proven to be a cause of death or addiction. In fact, in the past it was considered an extraordinary plant, where almost all the elements in it could be used for various purposes.