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These Are Two Reasons Why You Need to Use Two Factor Authentication

These Are Two Reasons Why You Need to Use Two Factor Authentication

Jan 10, 2019

Everyone in the present certainly has many accounts on the internet. Ranging from social media accounts to various accounts related to work. However, of all these accounts, the most important thing is when you can maintain the security of the account. Accounts that have a high level of security will not be easily hacked by many parties. So, the existence of logme once will greatly help you in securing your account.

There are already many people who choose to use 2 factor authentication to secure their account. Below are some benefits of the 2 factor authentication that you use.

1. Add a security layer to each account that you have
Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by asking you to provide two forms of identification before you can access personal information.
Anything? Obviously, the first is the Apple ID and password that you normally use. Then, the second is a unique code sent to your cell phone or another physical device, which then enters the second stage of the login process.
After logging in, you will not be asked for a verification code on the device again, unless you fully log out, delete the device, or have to change the password for security reasons.
Also, when you enter the web, you can choose to trust your browser, so you won’t be asked for a verification code when you enter the next one from that computer.

2. There are additional steps so it is not easy for me to enter your account
Two-factor authentication also requires additional steps in the setup and login process. Yes, with two-factor authentication, the account can only be accessed on devices that you trust, such as iPhone, iPad or Mac.
So when you first want to enter a new device, you have to provide two types of information, namely a password and a six-digit verification code that is displayed automatically on a trusted device.

Understanding the technicals in SEO

Understanding the technicals in SEO

Jan 7, 2019

Google is increasingly tightening the backlink rules, every time the Google algorithm is updated to make the ranking of websites in search engine results more reliable and reliable. Then, before we go further into SEO technicals, let’s recall the differences between the terms below so that you can understand further explanations. However, sometimes every expert or company can use a few different terms just to facilitate understanding. You can visit the website of dallas seo to get the best SEO service or to ask us about SEO.

URL, example “”
Domain is “site”.
Root Domain, example “com”
Sub Domain, example “”
IP, example “189.83.218”. This is a kind of ID card/identity of a server computer.
Backlinks, are links from other websites that point to your website.

What about Domain Ref?
Referring Domain (ref domain), is a domain from which the backlink originates. Google likes it most when your backlink has a lot of domain ref. Because each domain can have hundreds or even thousands of urls / pages on a website and can be used to outsmart Google.

The portion between Number of Backlinks and Number of Ref Domains should ideally be balanced, if too far, Google will “accuse” you are cheating.

This you can check using the SEO Quake tool.

Next, a little explanation about IP
1 IP Server ( can only have 1 domain (, but it can also be 1 IP Server can consist of many domains (,,

The analogy is 1 IP Server Computer such as a Building, 1 Domain like a Company. 1 The building can only have 1 company, or 1 building can consist of many companies (domains).

If we use shared hosting services, the IP can handle many domains.

Referring IP, Well, Google likes backlinks from different IPs, not the same.

The types of common web hosting services

The types of common web hosting services

Nov 2, 2018

Hosting is likened to mall management. Where there are many shops selling. Well, the mall provides security services and mall locations only. While service users will pay the rent. For example, an online shop requires a server to store data such as pictures, files, consumer data and so on. Then hosting is the one who plays a role in the storage. Aside from that, you can check out the trusted hosting dedicado, if you require a professional web hosting service.

Hosting itself is divided into several types, these 4 are among them:

a. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one type of paid hosting. For those of you who have minimal funds, then shared hosting is the right choice. The reason is, this service is offered at a very affordable price. Shared hosting will place several website sites on the same server. Where each website will share CPU and RAM resources. For websites that are not so many visitors or data, using shared hosting services can certainly help save money.

b. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is actually almost the same as the type of shared hosting. It’s just that the resources used are of higher quality. Using this hosting server, the client can use all resources while installing the existing application without having to share it with other clients. VPS is perfect for those of you who have a website with lots of visitors.

c. Cloud Hosting

The next type of hosting is Cloud hosting which has many servers. Each server is designed to be able to interact and connect with each other so that website performance is maintained. By using cloud hosting, there is nothing to worry about due to resource limitations or server instability.

d. Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting has a concept that is almost the same as the concept of shared hosting. Where only one server is used. However, a dedicated server allows for one website to use one server. No need to share with other sites or websites. With this type of hosting, the privacy of the website will be better protected. Because no other website uses the same server as you. Of course, the performance will also be better compared to other types of servers.

Errors in Using Smartband

Errors in Using Smartband

Oct 5, 2018

Smartband is commonly used to record fitness activities. The goal is that the recorded activity can be used to measure how healthy the user’s body is. This smart band consists of several choices, but the reality is not only choosing a smart band with the ability to watch heart rate monitor watches become sufficient but to get maximum results, you can avoid some errors that you might get from using the smart band. One of them is not filling in personal information. Because when you start using Smartband, you will be asked to create a personal account. Your personal data such as age, height, weight, gender must also be included. These data are then synchronized with your smartphone, which is why you have to fill in them correctly and completely. Its function is as a comparison so that it can be more accurate in predicting the distance traveled, calories burned and the number of steps that have been taken.

Setting an unrealistic target seems to be one of the smart brand’s priorities. Generally, the newly switched smart band will set a target of 10,000 steps every day. This target is unrealistic when applied to everyone. The target should be adjusted to the level of your activity, if you just start, it’s a good idea to set targets at 5,000 or 6,000 steps one day. After the target is reached, increase slowly. Don’t forget to turn off sleep mode. One of the interesting things about Smartband is the ability to record a user’s sleep time. But this mode usually must be activated by pressing a certain command button.

This sleep mode should not be activated when you are active because it will make the sleep pattern record chaotic. Activate sleep mode only when you are ready to sleep so that the recorded data is more valid.

The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

Sep 26, 2018

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Your need for the website redesign with the help of professional Web Design Agency Penang. Today, redesigning a website is very important to keep the website optimal. One of them can increase conversions through up-to-date sites. Here are some reasons why you need to redesign your old website.

Outdated website

It’s important to keep the website up-to-date. Many sites lose traffic because they haven’t updated in a few years. Google also recommends redesigning the website. Online business owners should change the website layout, templates, and content. If you are in the fashion industry, of course, you cannot use pictures of the 90s to attract young people. Fashion trends are changing very fast. Therefore, the fashion website needs to redesign the image.

The site is not responsive

A website design must be responsive and compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If the website is not responsive, then your business is in danger. More than 65% of visitors now use smartphones. To reach many visitors, it must be ensured to use responsive web design on your website. Responsive websites are a better choice than making a mobile site separately.

The site has a low ranking in search engines

Recently, Google released a page layout algorithm after many websites displayed too many advertisements. If you see a change in website ranking, immediately redesign the website using the right advertising optimization strategy. In 2012, Google launched the Hummingbird update, where many websites have duplicate content affected. If your site has lots of flash images or lack of content, you should immediately update your website. Make a truly SEO-friendly website as well as blogs to increase exposure as well as popularity.

Slow site

Users are usually more comfortable when visiting websites that have fast loading. Well, if you feel your website takes a long time when loading, you should immediately take action or approach with web developers to speed up your website loading. A website that has fast loading will be useful for SEO factors and offer an interesting experience for users.

The recommended 5 offline simulation games on android

The recommended 5 offline simulation games on android

Sep 23, 2018

Did you know that Android offline simulation games are one of the most downloaded games by smartphone users? Rather than other types of games, simulation games are easier and can be played all ages. Understandably, this game is not far from the daily life that you live. No wonder this game is very popular. Of the many existing simulation games, offline Android simulation games are a favorite of gamers because they can be played at any time, without thinking of connections. Well, for those of you who are looking for recommendations for offline Android simulation games, find the answer below! On the other hand, perhaps you should also check out the best android games hacks.


5. Plague Inc.

This game is one of the most successful virus simulation games in the world. Plague Inc. very interesting. In this game, you will act as the person responsible for virus invasion throughout the world.

4. Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game, you will act like a hungry, vicious shark. To improve the performance of the Shark, you must collect the prey score. Activate baby sharks so that the game is more exciting.

3. Daddy Was A Thief

Another best Android offline simulation game is Daddy Was A Thief. This endless running game is very interesting to play because it has unique gameplay and background. In this game, you act like a father who becomes a robber after being fired from his place of work. Here you can use combo speed boosts, shortcuts, and power-ups to hang on.

2. Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a game that is quite unique and promotes adrenaline because it combines two genres, namely shooting and endless running. You will not be bored playing this game because there are many exciting and tense missions, one of which is to save yourself among a crowd of zombies.

1. Piano Tiles 2

Bored with daily routines? Play piano tiles game 2. This game is very exciting and fun. The way to play it is easy, you just need to press the black tiles and avoid other empty tiles.