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The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

The Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

Sep 26, 2018

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. Your need for the website redesign with the help of professional Web Design Agency Penang. Today, redesigning a website is very important to keep the website optimal. One of them can increase conversions through up-to-date sites. Here are some reasons why you need to redesign your old website.

Outdated website

It’s important to keep the website up-to-date. Many sites lose traffic because they haven’t updated in a few years. Google also recommends redesigning the website. Online business owners should change the website layout, templates, and content. If you are in the fashion industry, of course, you cannot use pictures of the 90s to attract young people. Fashion trends are changing very fast. Therefore, the fashion website needs to redesign the image.

The site is not responsive

A website design must be responsive and compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. If the website is not responsive, then your business is in danger. More than 65% of visitors now use smartphones. To reach many visitors, it must be ensured to use responsive web design on your website. Responsive websites are a better choice than making a mobile site separately.

The site has a low ranking in search engines

Recently, Google released a page layout algorithm after many websites displayed too many advertisements. If you see a change in website ranking, immediately redesign the website using the right advertising optimization strategy. In 2012, Google launched the Hummingbird update, where many websites have duplicate content affected. If your site has lots of flash images or lack of content, you should immediately update your website. Make a truly SEO-friendly website as well as blogs to increase exposure as well as popularity.

Slow site

Users are usually more comfortable when visiting websites that have fast loading. Well, if you feel your website takes a long time when loading, you should immediately take action or approach with web developers to speed up your website loading. A website that has fast loading will be useful for SEO factors and offer an interesting experience for users.

The recommended 5 offline simulation games on android

The recommended 5 offline simulation games on android

Sep 23, 2018

Did you know that Android offline simulation games are one of the most downloaded games by smartphone users? Rather than other types of games, simulation games are easier and can be played all ages. Understandably, this game is not far from the daily life that you live. No wonder this game is very popular. Of the many existing simulation games, offline Android simulation games are a favorite of gamers because they can be played at any time, without thinking of connections. Well, for those of you who are looking for recommendations for offline Android simulation games, find the answer below! On the other hand, perhaps you should also check out the best android games hacks.


5. Plague Inc.

This game is one of the most successful virus simulation games in the world. Plague Inc. very interesting. In this game, you will act as the person responsible for virus invasion throughout the world.

4. Hungry Shark Evolution

In this game, you will act like a hungry, vicious shark. To improve the performance of the Shark, you must collect the prey score. Activate baby sharks so that the game is more exciting.

3. Daddy Was A Thief

Another best Android offline simulation game is Daddy Was A Thief. This endless running game is very interesting to play because it has unique gameplay and background. In this game, you act like a father who becomes a robber after being fired from his place of work. Here you can use combo speed boosts, shortcuts, and power-ups to hang on.

2. Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a game that is quite unique and promotes adrenaline because it combines two genres, namely shooting and endless running. You will not be bored playing this game because there are many exciting and tense missions, one of which is to save yourself among a crowd of zombies.

1. Piano Tiles 2

Bored with daily routines? Play piano tiles game 2. This game is very exciting and fun. The way to play it is easy, you just need to press the black tiles and avoid other empty tiles.

These Tips Make Narrow Apartments Look Extensive

These Tips Make Narrow Apartments Look Extensive

Sep 22, 2018

Although practical and more modern, it is undeniable that living in an apartment has its own drawbacks, namely the limited space available. But you don’t need to be confused, because there are actually tips to make a room that was originally narrow, so it feels relieved, want to know how? Here are some ways you can do. Before that, if you plan to buy furniture and want to know if the size matches your room, you can try using 360 photograpghy.

1. Selection of items needed

Before moving to your new apartment, first select items that are still needed. Ranging from clothing, electronic equipment, tools, and tableware. It will definitely be seen which items you use often and those that don’t. The rest of the items that are still feasible can be given to other people who need more or you sell.

2. Use portable furniture

Nowadays there are many portable furniture available with attractive designs, such as cabinets that can be folded or shelves that can be shifted or arranged as needed. As a result, you can save these furniture when not in use without consuming a lot of space.

3. Choose furniture by considering the shape of the room

Other tips for saving your apartment space are to make the most of every inch of your apartment. First, plan to buy furniture by paying attention to the corners of the room that can be filled. Minimize the purchase of furniture-furniture that cannot fill the corners of the apartment room to the full. This method is also useful to make your apartment look neater.

4. Take advantage of vertical space

Unlike the house room in general, the apartment space usually has a higher ceiling. You can use this to choose furniture that has an elongated shape like a bookcase. Furniture like this usually looks slimmer and gives a minimalist impression to your apartment space. Surely your apartment will look more stylish.

Tips for cleaning the touchscreen of your smartphone

Tips for cleaning the touchscreen of your smartphone

Sep 22, 2018

If you want to clean your mobile screen safely and easily, then you can practice this one at home. Using a soft cloth is one of the tools to clean the dust that is attached to the screen of your smartphone. Aside from that, check out and Buy Australian Refurbished Phones as well.

Well, for use and how to clean the HP screen with a cloth is very easy and simple. You can follow the following steps:

Prepare a cloth with soft material
Make sure the cloth used is a clean cloth
Then, you can swipe directly on the HP screen
Apply thoroughly and slowly to the smartphone
How is this one method very easy to practice at home isn’t it? Moreover, you don’t have to spend too much to use this one method. Do you want to try it too?

Then, use clean water.

If you feel that you are not clean enough just by wiping the cloth on the smartphone screen, then you can combine the fabric with clean water. Well, the combination of clean water with this cloth is considered effective for removing dust that is attached to the HP screen.

Then, prepare two soft, clean cloths. Why should it be two? Because, one cloth will be used to wipe the screen of the smartphone using water, and one other cloth is used to clean the remnants of liquid from the water. If everything is ready, then you can follow the steps below:

Pour water on a clean cloth to taste. You don’t need to make the cloth too wet, just pour water on the end of the fabric.

Next, you wipe the wet cloth on the HP screen slowly and thoroughly. Try to wipe it carefully and don’t press it. If you press the HP screen too strong, it will damage the HP screen.

After feeling enough to wipe the wet cloth on the HP screen, you can wipe the surface of the screen slightly moist with other clean cloth. Wipe until the screen of your smartphone is completely dry and not moist

This is how you can go live stream on Facebook using a PC

This is how you can go live stream on Facebook using a PC

Sep 19, 2018

To do live streaming via PC to Facebook is not as easy as doing live streaming using a smartphone. There are several things that need to be prepared, but technically not too complicated.

Here’s how to do Live Streaming on Facebook via PC:

1. Prepare a Facebook Page

Unfortunately, Facebook only allows you to stream live through Page, not from your personal account homepage as can be done via smartphone. Making Page on Facebook is very easy, just visit the creation page and follow the instructions.

2. Download and install OBS Studio

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is a free software that can be used to do live streaming on a PC. Besides Facebook, OBS Studio also supports other streaming services such as YouTube and Twitch.

3. Get the KeyStream

After the OBS Studio is installed, the next step is to get the Key Stream from Facebook. The Stream Key can be obtained from the Page settings page on Facebook. At the top of the Facebook Page there is the Publishing Tools section, then click the Videos menu on the left. After selecting the + Live menu, you will get a Key Stream. In this section, you can also set live streaming titles and other information.

4. Connect OBS Studio with Facebook

After you enter the live streaming information that you will do on Facebook, you must now make settings in OBS Studio. Select the Settings menu then select the Stream menu in OBS Studio. Next, select Facebook Live in the Service section and enter the Stream Key that you have obtained before.

5. Start live streaming

If the settings have been made, you can add video sources that will be displayed on Facebook Live. The video source can be presented through the video source section in OBS Studio. Video sources can come from the webcam to the desktop display.

After the video image appears, you can directly stream live by pressing the Start Stream button. Wait a few seconds and the results of your streaming will appear on Facebook. After that, press the Go Live button on Facebook.

The Importance of Increasing Visitor Traffic for Business

The Importance of Increasing Visitor Traffic for Business

Sep 16, 2018

It’s no secret that you need visitor traffic to your online business success. But the question is what kind of visitor traffic? Can all visitor traffic increase business? To achieve success in business, what we need is not only increasing visitor traffic but more importantly is getting quality visitor traffic. Visitors play a very important role for the welfare of your website, especially in terms of online sales. From our new york SEO will help you to increase visitor traffic for your business.

Quality traffic consists of visitors who are really involved with what you offer, open a few pages, and spend some time on your website. Increasing quality visitor traffic must be your main focus because basically, they will be the backbone of your income, for example by buying what you offer or at least getting their email for your database. But the reality is often getting quality visitor traffic will be more difficult than increasing other visitor traffic. Low-quality visitor traffic or maybe not quality at all is visitor traffic that does not bring positive benefits to your website other than just increasing visitor traffic. The hallmark of low-quality visitor traffic is that they just stop by your website just once, don’t see a few pages, and barely read the page when they first land on your site.

It’s not a good idea if you focus too much on increasing visitor traffic like this. For example, you can increase visitor traffic when your site’s content is shared with sites such as Reddit or Stumbleupon, but visitors traffic that you get will not do much to increase sales or the number of customers of your site. When you read visitor traffic reports, you often focus on the measurement results. You are usually only focused on how to increase visitor traffic, how much traffic your site visitors, and forget about real data that is really useful for your business. You need to know, the total number of visitors you have per month is not too important, the important thing is to know the source of visitor traffic that comes from and “bounce rate” which is related to each source.