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Choose the waterproof glue for outdoor decking

Choose the waterproof glue for outdoor decking

Nov 16, 2017

Do not Forget Use Water Resistant Glue for your outdoor decking, especially near a pool. Aside from the wood itself, the second factor that you should not forget is the quality of the glue used. The waterproof character is not only must be owned by wood but also must have glue. Because this substrate that plays a big role to form the floor decking itself. The damage will cause the floor is also damaged in general, ranging from rattling sound as we pass through it to the separation of the decking component itself. Aside from that, you can also check out ipe decking for sale to find the affordable, high-quality decking materials and services.

Tips for Choosing Water Resistant Glue

So how to choose the wood glue that has resistance to water? With so many products sold in the market, of course, we will be difficult if you have to check one by one. But not to worry. You can follow the 2 guidelines below to get a waterproof wood glue. Remember, do not believe in “waterproof” claims only!

Choose the specially made Waterproof Glue for decking

Glue is intended for outdoor needs.
That is, the product is designed to withstand “extra” exposures like rainwater. Never use indoor glue, even if the glue is declared waterproof.

Try to get the modified PVA glue

PVA glue is naturally less water resistant. However, with modifications that adhesive manufacturing has made, PVA can be made with excellent water resistance. With this special formulation, this glue actually becomes the pre-eminent adhesive for intense exposures to water.

Good for floor decking owners and for those who install it, these 2 things should always be observed. If necessary, ask for more information on the related manufacturing. For the sake of long-lasting decking, is not it necessary to use a waterproof water glue that can be trusted? Moreover, this resistance can be destined for other outdoor needs such as exterior furniture.