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Common Mistakes People Make When Using Air Conditioning System

Common Mistakes People Make When Using Air Conditioning System

Apr 14, 2018

With prolonged hot temperatures, we often use air conditioning (AC) to provide comfort, but then shocked to see a bill of electricity soaring. When using air conditioning system whether at home or at the office, aircon servicing must be the next thing to take into consideration after doing the system installation.

The first thing to note is how often you change filters. In other words, not cleaning filters or changing filters is a common mistake that most people do not know. According to experts, there are some mistakes we have done unconsciously that degrade usability, usability, and even sacrifice safety. At least we must replace the filter in the central Air conditioner once every three months, or it can be up to once in a month if the cooling system is installed continuously. If you fail to do this, dirty filters may interfere with airflow or even freeze the evaporator coils. Filthy filters can increase cooling power bills by 5 to 15 percent while shortening overall system life. Fortunately, replacement filters are not too expensive so you can replace them without having to spend too much money.

Another mistake that most AC users often make is not to do an annual service. Cleaning is important to keep the operation in order to keep the system smooth and efficient. Or it could be calling a handyman to clean the air conditioner once a year. In the US, the Department of Energy provides tips on finding an air purifier expert.

The absence of a programmed thermostat should be important to note. You do not want to make more mistakes than when using the air conditioner in the room? There are some people who always remember having to set the thermostat before leaving home. But most people need a programmable thermostat to save on electricity bills. The programmed thermostat automatically raises the temperature when we’re at work or outdoors, Braun said. He added that now there is a “smart” thermostat that can be programmed using a smartphone.