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Damaged Central Lock of the Vehicle: How to Repair It

Damaged Central Lock of the Vehicle: How to Repair It

Jan 6, 2019

So, do you want to hire Car Keys Dublin service to repair or check if there is something happen to your car central lock? A central lock is a feature that makes it easy to lock and open the car door, because just by pressing a single button, then all the doors will be locked or closed replacement car keys special offers . However, if for some reason the central lock is damaged, then the door locking process becomes difficult because it needs to be done manually for each door. Central lock jams are usually the cause of damage to these parts. This damage can occur in some central lock parts or only in one of the installed central lock car equipment. Therefore, repairing a damaged or jammed central lock is the most appropriate action so that features that allow locking and unlocking car doors are recovered. Central Lock consists of:

* Motor Central Lock

Which is often called the Lock Actuator or Central Lock Gun, which consists of 2 (two) types, namely Master Central Lock which consists of 5 (five) cables and Slave Central Lock which consists of 2 (two) cables? This Master Central Lock functions to set another motor lock (Slave Central Lock) which consists of 2 cables when this master moves lock, the other motor lock also locks, so also if the master is open, then all slave central lock (2 cables) will open.

* Central Lock Module

This section functions as a relay or forwards commands from the main motor lock (master central lock) to lock and open. This Central Lock Module consists of a circuit board consisting of lines and electronic electrical equipment to regulate the work of Motor Central Lock.

* Connecting wire

This is a connection from the motor lock to the car locking drive, so that if the car lock is moved properly with the key or lock button, then the motor lock will also move.

* Cable Set

This cable serves to connect Motor Central Lock with the Central Lock Module.