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Difference Between Call Center and Customer Service

Difference Between Call Center and Customer Service

Oct 24, 2019

When you have questions about how to use a credit card, where should you go? Will you contact the call center? Or go to customer service? The answer is you can go both ways. Call center and customer service tasks are similar but different in scope. The task of the call center tijuana only receives calls from customers who have questions and all of that is done by telephone. If customers still don’t get the answers they want, they can go to customer service so they can listen to face to face call center tijuana.

Both of these jobs are not only found in banks but can be found in various types of businesses that involve services for customers. However, in the type of business that provides goods such as restaurants, pharmacies and the like, you cannot find these two jobs. You might only be able to contact the call center for questions that you want to ask.

Not that customer service tasks are not important. Both jobs have their respective roles and are quite important because they can give a brief impression to customers about the company they trust. There are some similarities that you can find from these two jobs such as:

– They answer customer process questions or how to use services from the company.
– They answer complaints from customers about the difficulties encountered when using services from the company.
– They provide direction if customers want to change the type of service used or want to unsubscribe from the company.
– They should not give answers that corner, insult and make customers angry because it can make the company have a bad impression on customers.
– They must always smile and be friendly to all customers without exception.

With all the similarity of the above tasks, we can see if it is not a light matter and can be done by everyone. As customers, we must be able to understand if a call center or customer service officer is not a company director who knows everything that is asked by customers. If they do not give satisfactory answers, we better provide input and suggestions so as not to add to the burden of their minds.

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