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Easy ways to remove scratches on your car by yourself

Easy ways to remove scratches on your car by yourself

Feb 20, 2018

How to remove the scratches on the car body is the information that is often sought by many vehicle owners. Therefore, the problem is often greeted, especially on motorists who often crossed the traffic jam and a narrow parking lot. So, can it get fixed at home? Because of course can save time and cost. However, you can also visit Auto Body Shop Santa Ana if you look for the more affordable price for auto body repair service.

Apparently, there are some tips that you can apply to fix blisters and dents on the car body.

Tools needed:

1. Sandpaper with high grit size

High grit sandpaper is better for scrubbing scratched surfaces without causing additional damage. You can use sandpaper with grit 1500 to 3000.

2. Rubbing compound with compound pad

This tool is used for scratches that are not too deep. A scratch can be removed with a clear coat and rubbing compound.

3. Scratch remover and polishing pad

This tool also for scratches that are not too deep.

4. Automotive wax

Protects surfaces after polishing process.

5. Cat

To patch the color lost due to scratches. Look for colors that match the original color of the car.

6. Clear Coat

For scratches that require the use of paint, a clear coat is used to mix the color with the vehicle body.
7. Rust converter

Protects your car from rust damage.

How to fix:

1. Clean the damaged area

Wash with mild detergent or soap and water on the blisters and then dry with a cloth.

2. Wet sandpaper damaged parts

Soak the sandpaper before rubbing the blisters. Rub gently outwards.

3. Use rubbing compound or paint

For shallow scratches, no need to use paint. Use rubbing compound with compound pad and scrub the blisters until they are faded.

4. Use a clear coat or scratch remover and automotive wax

After the paint dries, you can use a clear coat to rub it. If the scratch is more severe and very deep, you can spray paint twice and rub with a clear coat after drying.

After the color shines again, continue with the automotive wax to protect from the sun.

5. Allow drying

Paint and clear coat will take a few days to dry it for perfect results.