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Follow Some of These Tricks In Protecting Your Social Media Account

Follow Some of These Tricks In Protecting Your Social Media Account

Mar 3, 2019

Social media is certainly something that is currently used by many people. In fact, usually, one person has more than one social media account. However, usually many people do not pay attention to the security of their social media accounts. In fact, there is now two factor authentication that can better secure social media accounts because it implements a two-stage security system. This will make you safer when using social media that you have check this out.

However, besides implementing two factor authentication, you can also use some of these tricks so that your social media account is protected from hacker attacks and remains safe when using it. Some of the tricks in question are

– Change the password frequently
If you already have a password that goes out, it’s a good idea to regularly replace it regularly. Try not to be the same or similar to the previous password. the most important thing you should know is not to reveal the password to someone else. Make a password that is also strong enough to not be easily guessed by others.

– Don’t save the password in the browser
There is one thing you might usually use when the social media login in the browser is storing the password there. Browsers like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox have these services. This makes it easy for you to access your social media account again, but you should avoid this habit because to avoid your account being hacked, especially if your cellphone or laptop that you normally use is lost or stolen by others.

– Enable two-step verification security
This security system is now widely applied in several social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. This verification security feature will verify every login access to your social media. If this feature is active, then you will get a notification in the form of an SMS containing the code or display of verification carried out by Google.