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How to Clean Granite Floors to Stay Shiny

How to Clean Granite Floors to Stay Shiny

Jan 6, 2019

The value of the theme from the granite ground causes many people involved in fixing this floor at home. The cost of granite grounds also serves to be expensive related to common tile floors. In addition, this type of floor also requires extra care. Because, if not washed correctly, the color of your granite floor can convert depressed. As a result, you should find a method to clean the old granite floor to replace the golden color of your floor. Want to know how to clean the right granite floor to keep it shiny every day? Take it easy, ourĀ carpet cleaning sydney is ready to help you! To prevent the color of the granite floor from becoming dull and appearing authoritative, you should clean the granite floor every day. How to polish granite grounds on a regular footing, you can do as if you were mopping the floor every day. If required, do granite floor scrubbing machines and special extracts to mop the granite grounds. However, if you do not have a machine and appropriate fluid cleansing granite floors, it doesn’t matter if you use a mop stick and water only. Daily cleaning is only used to keep the floor clean and hygienic.

The beauty of granite floors can be seen clearly when the floor looks shiny. So, how to polish the dull granite floor? Perform special cleaning on a weekly basis using well water, avoid using tap water containing minerals and chlorine. Also, use liquid granite floor polish to make your floor shinier. You can do this particular washing once a week to hold your floor glow clear. If you regularly wash spots on tile floors with all kinds of tools possible, you can’t just do any type of machine to clean granite floors anymore. Dodge accessories that can create abrasion on the floor, such as abrasive sponges or rough towels. Use a tissue or soft cloth to clean the granite floor. When there are stains on the granite floor, you can immediately take a bucket, warm water, and dishwashing liquid soap to clean the stain.

Make sure you use a soft mop to remove stains on the granite floor. After wiping the floor with a mop soaked in a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid soap, rinse the mop with clean water and wipe it on the floor to remove soap residue. Polish the floor with a clean microfiber cloth to remove water spots that can fade the color of the floor.

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