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How to prevent copyrights problems on YouTube

How to prevent copyrights problems on YouTube

Nov 24, 2017

In uploading videos that violate policies, no one can just do it. Downloading videos from other sources, then upload to YouTube can be a terrible idea. Believe me, if you do that, sooner or later the video will not be monetized, or in the worst case scenario, the video will be removed from the search page. It’s also possible if you might get sued by the original owner of the video as well, and you definitely have to hire the best Fort Wayne Patent Attorney to defend yourself.

Before re-reuploading, they have their own way to outsmart the YouTube system, without reducing the income or viewers that will be obtained from the video. As for some of the usual ways they do to do this are as follows:

Combine video into a compilation

The compilation video is a composite video of several videos combined into one and has the same topic of discussion, such as “Funny video collection”, “Horror video set”, “disco music collection”, and so on.

Replace the sound pitch on the video

A voice-changing activity known as the pitch is one way you can outsmart YouTube’s audio-to-copy system on copyrighted video.

You can change the sound of the video into a nightcore by increasing the speed or frequency of the sound 20% – 30% faster / higher than the original sound, so YouTube will not be able to detect the authenticity of the audio from the video you upload.

Unfortunately, if we do that on a video containing the conversation, chances are the audience will be annoyed and decide to watch another video on the search page.

Cut the frame resolution

Cutting the frame resolution I mean here does not reduce the video resolution (like 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p, 1080p and so on), but cut the frame size of the video.

For example, if the initial frame resolution of a video is 720px x 480px, you can crop or crop the video resolution to 700px x 450px to avoid copyright infringement.

For its own application, cutting this frame resolution will be most effectively done for movie-type videos, such as cartoons, anime, or other films.a.