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How to Take Care of Your iPhone

How to Take Care of Your iPhone

Jan 3, 2020

Having an iPhone requires a lot of responsibility, you know. Besides being difficult to get, you also have to be smart in caring for it. Not everyone can take care of their favorite items. If you already have an iPhone, congratulations! But don’t forget to take care of it too. In addition to being durable, you can also sell it again if you want. The price can be quite competitive at singapore because the conditions are still good if you are good at caring for them. How to care for iPhone?

You can buy a variety of iPhone cases on the market. What’s important is that the case can protect your iPhone from a variety of physical damage such as scratches, blisters, falls, and others. In addition, the case also prevents your iPhone from being exposed to dust and dirt. Make sure your case can fulfill this function, not just for style.

Screen Protector
The iPhone screen seems strong enough even though there is no “Gorilla Glass” label there. But still, additional protection is needed. You can buy screen protectors such as tempered glass or scratch resistant. Thus, the screen will avoid various problems such as small scratches that might reduce the iPhone selling price if you sell it.

Use Assistive Touch
Caring for buttons on the iPhone isn’t too difficult indeed. You can use assertive touch to replace the role of various buttons. The home button is the button that is most often pressed and the most frequent causes of home button damage. Assertive touch can not only replace the home button, but also other buttons and various functions such as screenshots, Siri, etc.

Take care of the battery
Batteries also include components that are very prone to damage. What’s more, the iPhone battery cannot be replaced carelessly so it has to be taken to an official repair place to get proper handling. The price of an iPhone battery replacement is also not cheap. Therefore, you must know how to care for these batteries.