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Know Your Personality Through Your Favorite Movies

Know Your Personality Through Your Favorite Movies

May 2, 2018

Almost everyone likes watching movies. How not, you can forget for a moment your problems and be brought into a new world different from you. Not to mention you will be presented with your favorite actor or actress. But usually, each person has his taste in watching a movie. Anyone likes horror movies, comedy, or romantic. You can watch MoviesHD by download our application.

Well, it turns out every genre of this movie can describe your traits and personality. What type are you? Find out through your favorite movie genres below!

1. Science fiction / fantasy

If you like watching movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Interstellar, and Star Wars, you are a creative person and have a strong imagination. You’re used to thinking out of the box and can always surprise people around you with brilliant ideas. You include people who are open to new things, but you will also hold your principles firmly.

2. Comedy

People who like comedy movies are people who love to laugh and make others laugh. You are also not ashamed to laugh at yourself and the mistakes you make. Sometimes you will run away from problems, but that does not mean you can not be relied upon. You know that life is hard, so you choose to deal with it with a smile and a laugh.

3. Action / adventure

Anyway, if the movie is full of action against crime or an exciting adventure with a big mission, you must watch it. Movies like the X-Men series, Iron Man, and the like have become your must-see spectacle. You have great courage and you are not afraid to defend what you think is right, including your principles and values. You are also always looking for new adventures and risks to explore.

4. Horror

If people immediately refuse when invited to watch Paranormal Activity, Conjuring, or Anabelle, you are very enthusiastic. Well, this means you are a straightforward and frank person. If there is a problem, your friends will usually run to you for help and advice because of your honesty and courage.