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Learn More About Bariatric Operations Here

Learn More About Bariatric Operations Here

Sep 18, 2018

Bariatric surgery may still sound strange to your ears, but it turns out that many people have performed the surgery to get rid of some of their body fat. Not infrequently, this operation is done to reduce a person’s weight. However, to do this, you need to find the right surgeon. One that can do this is Dr Maani Bariatric Surgery.

Many people may ask, how many kilograms of their weight will be lost from doing the bariatric surgery? Weight loss is usually only seen after 18-24 months of bariatric surgery. The weight you get after 6 months of surgery can be reduced by 30-40% of your previous body weight. While after one year, you can lose around 45 kg.
But again, the question of how much weight you lose after undergoing bariatric surgery actually depends on each person, whether he is eating a good diet or not, and whether they are diligent or not. If you are not committed to living a healthy life, it is not impossible that your weight will rise again later.

Also, note that the operation has three procedures or techniques that are usually done. Three major bariatric surgery procedures are often used, namely gastric bypass, gastric banding, and sleeve gastrectomy. Basically, these three procedures aim to make you unable to consume as much food as before. Gastric bypass is the most commonly used bariatric surgery procedure worldwide according to ASMBS. This procedure involves making a new route from the top of the stomach with the small intestine to make you feel full quickly and not many calories absorbed from food.

So, before you decide to use the surgery in order to lose weight, then you must also know more about the operation that will be carried out.