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Leukemia Child Signs

Leukemia Child Signs

Aug 8, 2017

Better to be more vigilant in supervising the health of children. How not, lately a lot of cases about leukaemia blood disease that befell children. There are indeed many types of leukaemia itself, however, of all cases that occur in children, many acute leukaemia diseases. Acute means the disease spreads quickly. Only a few of the leukaemia cases are sluggish.

The symptoms of leukemia often bring the patient to the doctor. This is very good because the automatic disease can be known early and can be treated immediately. Lots of leukemia symptoms occur when leukemia cells shift normal cells. Here are some signs of leukemia in children:

– Fever and susceptible to infection
Because white blood cells are abnormal, germs that enter so can not be resisted white blood cells. White blood cells that should be in charge of protecting do not work. As a result, children become susceptible to infection and often fever. Fever and infection are the early signs of leukemia, not easy to distinguish with other fevers such as flu. But the fever in leukemia is usually more than 38 degrees Celsius which lasts several days and often happens.

– Anemia
Anemia occurs because the body lacks blood cells. Children with leukemia generally have anemia with features pale face, not energetic alias limp, easy tired and shortness of breath.

– Bone pain
Bone pain is not due to injury or bruising, bone pain in children with leukemia usually worsens over time because the bone marrow accumulates abnormal white blood cells.

– Swollen glands
Swollen lymph nodes are one of the earliest symptoms often observed in childhood leukemia. Swollen due to the gland can be seen in the chest, groin and neck armpits. Lymph nodes can swell due to the accumulation of abnormal white blood cells.Bedanya with swollen glands in other pain is in children leukemia lasts for several days different from swelling due to the illness of flu.