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Must Things to Avoid By PR Team

Must Things to Avoid By PR Team

May 9, 2018

Actually, they have different meanings and contexts. If marketing is the person or team in charge of marketing your product or service, then PR or Public Relations are the people or teams that will sell your brand in relation to public relations. The public relations team can be your own form within the company with a separate marketing team or you can join the power of the marketing team. You can also hire or recruit a PR team from an agency if you’re not sure yet. Certainly, whatever your choice in building your PR team should know the ins and outs so as not to fail. Here are some PR team mistakes that result in common failures by some new companies or businesses. Do you plan to hire PR Agents since you and your staffs aren’t competent in that field?

When you focus on the interests of the PR, of course, there will be so many things you should at least know before learning more. There are some things your public relations team should avoid, such as a company that is not ready to have a PR team. The first thing that often makes the public relations team fail is that the company is not really ready yet with the PR team. Yes, a new PR that is new in the business world of Indonesia would need a deeper review of your business. Make sure whether your business or company really needs this team or not. Even if you hire a reputable public relations agency, it’s not necessarily your business to be directly at the forefront of getting multiple benefits.

What often happens in the field about the case of failure of this PR team is due to the unpreparedness of the company in having a PR team. Some companies rarely have stories that can be shared with the media. The main task of the PR team that will tell your business brand story to the media will certainly make trouble for you if you do not have a shared story yet.