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Overcome Spinal Pain With This Movement

Overcome Spinal Pain With This Movement

May 4, 2018

Parts of the spine that feels pain and pain cannot be dammed, it is enough to inhibit the body’s performance in some movement. And usually, a pain in this vital part is often overridden by someone who suffered pain in their back. At the moment the body lifts too many heavy objects, often bent, sitting for too long, is often the cause of the coming bone pain in the back. But to overcome this kind of problem, most people usually eliminate it by consuming various types of pain relief medicines, making herbs or traditional remedies of pain, as well as various other natural ingredients. If you want to overcome spinal problems, you can visit

In addition to the above, there is a therapy or movement that can overcome pain in the spine. One of them by using special movements that you can do yourself at home, or in various places in time to get free time. Even the technique of the movement does not take a long time, which is just seven minutes, then this special movement will be completed. So it helps the body to reduce back pain and pain in the spine.

– Stretching with legs crossed
In a position lying supine on the mat, lift your feet with both hands, then cross the legs slowly. Which one of the legs is placed on the other foot. Do it for 30 seconds accompanied by breathing. Repeat it on the other foot.

– Position the shoulders down with the back condition straight
This time with an upright body condition. Namely position the shoulders down in the back condition remains straight, then one leg bent and hands placed on the bent legs earlier. While the other legs pointed straight back. Do this with breathing for 30 seconds, and repeat it by switching position.