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Pay Attention to These Habits Before You Dive in the Sea

Pay Attention to These Habits Before You Dive in the Sea

Mar 17, 2019

Interested in a vacation at sea is a good idea. During the holiday season, going on vacation can be used to replenish the energy that is in the body because if you work with a body that is saturated and bored, it can be guaranteed that the work done will not work. Vacation also serves to stretch the tense muscles due to most work, also becomes a means of relaxation to make the soul in yourself relaxed again so that when returning to the office, there is no more saturated impression especially when doing a vacation with an unforgettable experience such as swimming with whale sharks. There is always the first time in every case so that fear may come over especially with the problem of sharks that have been created by fictional films on the market. To avoid undesirable things when you dive, it would be better if you pay attention to the following habits before you actually dive into the sea.

When you finally make your first dive, you will be given complete instructions on diving. Starting from how to use oxygen masks to how to see oxygen levels in the tube. The explanation you get will probably sound boring, but you have to listen to it until it’s finished and good and don’t be shy to ask your diving instructor, Indeed most diving guides are foreigners, so the explanation will be more delivered in English which is universal. When you get an explanation about the dive, it’s time to choose the right glasses on your face.

The right diving equipment is the main capital for exploring the underwater. Do not let you find sea water into your glasses so you are uncomfortable and then cause panic. How do you know which glasses are right for you? It’s easy, feel the tightness of the glasses when tool fittings, look down and feel whether the mask you wear feels loose. Don’t forget to tighten the rubber mask before it enters the water.