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People Must Know These Before They Knit Bags And Wallets

People Must Know These Before They Knit Bags And Wallets

Feb 11, 2020

Many people know that knitting bags are relatively more expensive. That is because of the process of knitting and raw materials. Knitting yard needs you to be patient and it needs innovation so you can make new models of bags. In the meantime, if you prefer crocheting over knitting, we recommend you to check out some of the best crochet hooks.

That is why from time to time, knitting crafts are also increasingly in demand, not only women but men have also started to be interested in knitted bags, of course, interested here is not using it but producing it or making it.

For those who are already proficient, let’s share, but for beginners, let’s learn together how to produce a bag or a knit wallet. Minimum for personal use before accepting orders from others.

To be able to make hand-knitted bags that need attention is patience and perseverance, as well as being patient. Usually done by women to just fill in spare time.

Quilting tools are quite simple namely hooks, yarn, matches, squares or razors. This is based on the experience of knitting, which was originally only self-taught and trial and error.

In addition, the hook is one of the most important tools, given that it is this tool that functions to knit yarn. Called hook because of this tool like a pen, ballpoint but curved edges. This curved end makes this tool work to pull and push thread.

Various kinds of yarn that are commonly used for knitting. For what is displayed here is nylon yarn, and the yarn is one of the most popular among customers.

Razor or squeeze or scissors or other cutters are used to cut the connection thread and the final thread to make it neat.

If when knitting a large bag using a large yarn, and when knitting a wallet using a small yarn, then the bag or wallet does not have many connections or even no connection at all.