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Reasons Why the Full VR World isn’t Here Yet

Reasons Why the Full VR World isn’t Here Yet

Aug 5, 2017

The virtual reality has become a huge revolutionary advancement in the world of video game. Imagine that you can see and hear all the things that happen in a video game as if you’re inside of the world of that game itself. This way, you will get the more realistic gaming experience unlike anything before. However, there are still so many players out there who wish to have a taste of a full VR world. Today, our technology isn’t there yet to create a full world where the player’s minds can enter the world of the game itself.

Here are the reasons why we can’t enjoy the full VR world yet:

Our tech isn’t there yet

It’s true that creating the world that can be entered by so many players directly, by connecting their brains to the game device itself has been wished by so many gamers world wide. Just like in the anime Sword Art Online, you can walk, eat, feel, hear, speak, and do all the things that you want to do in a video game world as if you’re there literally. Unfortunately, the risk in connecting our brain to a game device with so many electric currents can be dangerous, on the other hand, the cost of such a development will be extremely expensive as well. Even if some one or organization is willing to fund that kind of project for a full VR world games, the time it takes to be created will be very long.

The dangers

The risk of connecting a person’s mind to a video game device can be extremely dangerous. The electric current inside of the video game device might zap the player’s brain at any moment if the device’s safety measure hasn’t been made properly. On the other hand, you may expect some people afraid that they might lose their minds if the game is being disconnected suddenly when they’re still logged on into the game.