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Religion Is A Pilar Of Many Important Things In Life

Religion Is A Pilar Of Many Important Things In Life

May 20, 2019

Religion can unite cultural differences in a pluralistic society. Religion is very important and very instrumental in shaping and developing the order of society to be more orderly miracle healing prayers, better and more advanced because religious teachings are able to create cultural harmony and improve the quality of relationships among people who have religious differences in pluralistic societies to always coexist without feeling jealousy, jealousy, feeling right and others. On the other hand, if you’re a believer of Christianity, perhaps you may want to take a look at the prayer request service.

Religion is the pillar of life. – Someone who does not have any religion, his life will be filled with doubts, tend to like by way of disobedience and acts that harm others. without religion, a person will not have something that always invites him to pray, be grateful, regret his actions and beg for forgiveness in a god he believes can help him change the way for the better.

Religion is a pillar in thinking. – Someone who does not have a religion will find it difficult to understand and understand how to respect our differences with others. it is difficult to appreciate other people’s worship and it is difficult to love people who need help. without religion, we are not able to think clearly because the path of goodness, truth, and justice taught in it is never well understood.

Religion is a pillar in behaving. – Without religion, a person cannot behave well in society because religion which always teaches goodness does not have it. without religion, someone is very poor with good teaching, moral teachings, and norms that must be carried out in society. without religion, someone tends to be unable to behave politely, unable to control emotions, feel self-won and cannot appreciate the work of others.

Religion is the pillar of the country. – A country that is very advanced will not mean anything if its citizens do not have a religion. Because without religion humans and other humans will easily be provoked by things that can divide unity, someone who is not religious is easily provoked, easily deceived and easily provoked by emotions and begin disputes, quarrels, hostilities, fights, even wars.