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Singapore room rental with flexible rental term

Singapore room rental with flexible rental term

May 10, 2019

As you know, this room rental Singapore has its own rental conditions. Some have a period of 1 year, 2 years, 6 months, 2 months and there are also those that have flexible rental conditions. Rental rooms with flexible rental conditions are usually look for by tourists who only visit Singapore for holidays. Here is a list of places with flexible rental term.

1. Small Room Rental in Pasir Ris

This place is located at 33 Pasir RIS Drive, Pasir Ris (EW1), Singapore 519492. The rental fee is approximately 480 Singapore Dollars with the provision of flexible rental time. This room includes a small cozy room. This room is rented only for women. There are facilities such as cooking, internet, PUB included and complete furniture.

2. Kembangan Studio Bedroom For Rent

This place is located in Kembangan Central, Kembangan, Singapore 417657. This room includes a common room and this room is rented for all sexes, both male and female. There are facilities such as air conditioning, cooking facilities and other furniture. The rental fee is only 1000 Singapore Dollars in terms of flexible rental time. The condition of the entire room is well maintained so that the room is clean, neat, and also fragrant. You will feel comfortable staying here.

3. Common Room Rental

This place is located on Marsiling Lane, Woodlands (NS9 TE2), Singapore 730215. This room is rented for all genders (female or male). There are facilities such as air conditioning, internet, cooking places that can be used for Muslims, and PUB included. This room is rented at a price of 450 Singapore Dollars in a flexible rental period. The condition of the room is clean with white and blue walls.

Well, thus are some rooms for rent with flexible rental conditions. Hopefully this article can help you find out which rental rooms have a flexible rental term. Hopefully the article is useful!