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Something You Can Do on Your Android Smartphone

Something You Can Do on Your Android Smartphone

Aug 4, 2017

Android is the most widely used operating system today for smartphones. Many Technology companies are using Android as a platform for their products. If you have an Android device, there are several things you can do to optimize everyday use.

1. Treat like PC to improve performance

Smartphones are like miniature PCs that fit in the palm of the hand. The way it works is actually the same, for example about memory management. Like PCs, Android will slow down if the RAM or internal storage media is too full. To improve performance again, you can turn off unused active programs through the task manager that is usually provided by Android devices.

2. Take advantage of modification freedom

One of the main advantages of Android than any other mobile platform is the freedom of modification it offers. Users can put various widgets on the home screen and lock screen.

3. Try to track your smartphone

Want to track phone position? You can do it via “Googling”. Just type in the keyword “Find my phone” in the browser, and Google Search will display your phone’s positioning via Google Maps view.

If necessary, you can also ring a cell phone ringtone or remote wipe via the “Find my phone” facility. This is useful to prevent lest important data on the phone fall into the hands of irresponsible people.

4. Turn on encryption to protect data

Warning: tips on this one actually do not need to be done, unless you really fear the files stored on the Android device fall into the hands of others.

To do this, go to Settings> Security> Encryption menu, and choose “Encrypt phone”. You will be prompted to create a PIN. This PIN code will be prompted every time you turn on your phone.

5. Trial alternative launcher

Another modification freedom that is also provided by Android is you can change the launcher alias main interface that fills the home screen display.

Want further modifications? You can try custom ROM aka modified Android OS that will replace the default Android OS mobile phone.
There are additional functions that can be opened by custom ROM. One example of a well-known custom ROM is CyanogenMod which can be seen in this link.