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Stop Skin Care Products When This Sign You Are Natural

Stop Skin Care Products When This Sign You Are Natural

Aug 6, 2017

The number of interesting reviews about skin care products often make women tempted to try it. In fact, some of them often ignore the price and ingredients of skin care products because it really is already interested in the lure of the read. In fact, not all raw materials of skin care products match the skin type. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin types, must be more thorough again. We need to start by knowing the types and needs of the skin, as well as enrich the knowledge by diligently finding out about materials that are suitable or not for the skin. Well, if you do not want skin problems to increase, better stop the use of skin care products that you use if the following signs begin to appear.

1. Skin feels itchy
Itchiness is one of the reactions that arise if your skin does not match a product. Usually, itchy skin is caused by the sensitivity of skin care formulas, such as fragrance. If it is so, better use is stopped first so as not to cause other skin problems. In addition, skin care products containing fragrance are also less suitable for sensitive skin types and acne. Well, if this happens to you, do not ever try to scratch it with a fingernail yes, if you do not want the skin to be blisters. Stop the use and if it is passed from a few days still itchy, immediately consult a dermatologist.

2. Redness appears on the skin
Another reaction that arises as a result of not matching a skin care product is a rash on the skin. Problems like this usually often approach sensitive skin types. But, not infrequently also normal skin come to experience it. One of the ingredients that potentially make redness on the face is retinol. This content is actually good to disguise black spots on the skin. However, if the dose is too excessive, retinol will actually lead to quite aggressive side effects. In addition, not infrequently, redness of the skin is also often accompanied by a sense of heat is quite disturbing.

3. Skin So Dry and Feel Pulled
You also need to stop using skin care if facial skin turns dry. Some skin care products often use alcohol as a mixture of ingredients. Actually, this content is the main cause of dry skin problems. In addition, alcohol levels are too high also has the potential to make your skin feel like to push.

4. Exfoliating Skin Extreme
There are two things that cause the skin to peel, that is because of allergic reactions or it could be due to side effects of the content of products that are working. Some skin care products sometimes do have side effects like this. In order not to make users feel panic, usually they include it on every packaging. However, if you do not find a description of any side effects, you should be vigilant.