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The Golf Stick Buying Tips

The  Golf Stick Buying Tips

Jan 26, 2019

After knowing the various types of golf, the next step is when you want to buy a driver, then choose a driver that is shorter in size. Why is that? Because short size drivers are much better than those with longer sizes. Did you make the preparation for your bangkok golf?

You will not only choose a driver with a shorter size. Somehow, you should also specify closed. The reason will be better than neutral.

At present a number of specialized golf shops market drivers that have a length of 45 inches or 114 cm. There is even a longer size.

At the PGA, the average length owned by the Man Canada Ghost driver is 44.5 inches or 113 cm. The longer the size of a driver, the harder it will be to hit the golf ball.

Pay attention to loft at the golf stick is important. The next step in choosing a golf stick is to pay attention to the loft on a golf club. A loft is an angle on the front of a golf stick that is related to the vertical plane of the rod or shaft. The Loft itself is designed in a way that aims to adjust the expertise of golfers. Whether it’s amateur or beginner or professional golfer.

The sloping corner of the Loft is on a golf club, so when you hit the ball it will soar higher in the air. The difference from the loft is located at the distance. The smaller the distance that is produced farther away.

Don’t forget to watch the length of the golf stick whenever you go to buy the stick of golf. Finally, you don’t forget to pay attention to the length of the golf stick you want to buy. The length of the golf club will determine how far you hit the ball.