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The Mistakes of Beginners in the Field of SEO, Could You Be The One?

The Mistakes of Beginners in the Field of SEO, Could You Be The One?

Mar 19, 2018

Are you new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Or feel you have enough ability in the world of SEO because it knows some specific SEO techniques? Apparently, there are some mistakes that are often done by the newbie in the world of SEO, which as long as you still feel there in yourself, so you can still be categorized as a newbie. You can ask for help from Miami SEO Services and we will help you take care of SEO for your website.

1. Just think about SEO
True, if it says SEO is a technique for a website or online store can go to page 1 Google for certain keywords. But it is wrong if you just make the website beautiful in the eyes of Google robot, but not beautiful in the eyes of your visitors. However you SEO to get a lot of visitors, therefore the website itself must be ready to facilitate visitors find the desired information on your website. Meanwhile, the newbie in the field of SEO is usually too focused on how the website is entered page 1, without considering that the website is not user-friendly, thus making the bounce rate is greater.

2. Not confident
It is true if we hear and consider the latest SEO techniques reviews conducted by SEO experts in Indonesia, for example. But do not let it actually make you think what you have done 100% wrong. After all, the experience is the best teacher. If you’ve managed to make many websites go to page 1 Google, do not let the statement of an SEO expert who mentions the technique is old and then you do not use anymore. You can not guarantee whether he is right, or just want your SEO results to fall apart.

3. Keyword, keyword, keyword
To go to page 1 of Google for keyword ABC, there must be a word ABC on your website, that’s right. The wrong thing is often done is then meet all the elements in the website with keyword ABC. Starting from the header, body, title, footer, sidebar, and others. Even more unfortunate, if the keyword used was only consisting of keywords that’s it, that’s all, so the keyword ABC in one-page website there could be 50 repetitions with the exact same keyword. Can I enter page 1 of Google? Maybe. But maybe the website admin is lazy to even open the website because of its complicated website.