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The Mistakes To Never Do When Consuming Workout Supplements

The Mistakes To Never Do When Consuming Workout Supplements

Mar 13, 2019

Do you think that takingĀ find out can be done at any time? This is one of the mistakes that pretty much mania fitness does. You might even do it too often, which is taking supplements at the wrong time. When is the right time to consume pre-workout supplements? Not few beginners to fitness and workout take these supplements when they are nearing practice time. Or some even take supplements and then workout directly. In fact, supplementing this pre-workout has a certain time to react.

Most of these pre-exercise supplements take about 30-60 minutes before the exercise to be fully absorbed in your body. If you take supplements at the time of exercise, the reaction might start when you have entered the third exercise or more. Most pre-workout supplements are based on stimulants and usually contain caffeine. The body takes about 3-5 hours to reduce the concentration of caffeine in your blood. So if you take this supplement 30-60 minutes before exercise, you will get the maximum benefit.

The next mistake that is quite often encountered is taking supplements on an empty stomach. Some assumptions do appear that consumption of supplements should be when the stomach is not filled. Now like this, if you ever drink coffee on an empty stomach, how do you feel? You may have felt a mild headache, anxiety, or even nausea.

If you take a pre-workout supplement that contains 200-300 milligrams of caffeine without eating anything before, you can also feel the same. Therefore, you are advised to eat snacks 30-60 minutes before you take pre-workout supplements. Of course, the goal is to help reduce the risk of the side effects mentioned earlier. Don’t forget to remember that you should not consume foods that are too heavy and make your stomach very full. Avoid eating foods that contain lots of fiber in them. It is best to avoid consuming whole grains, beans or raw vegetables.