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The types of common web hosting services

The types of common web hosting services

Nov 2, 2018

Hosting is likened to mall management. Where there are many shops selling. Well, the mall provides security services and mall locations only. While service users will pay the rent. For example, an online shop requires a server to store data such as pictures, files, consumer data and so on. Then hosting is the one who plays a role in the storage. Aside from that, you can check out the trusted hosting dedicado, if you require a professional web hosting service.

Hosting itself is divided into several types, these 4 are among them:

a. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one type of paid hosting. For those of you who have minimal funds, then shared hosting is the right choice. The reason is, this service is offered at a very affordable price. Shared hosting will place several website sites on the same server. Where each website will share CPU and RAM resources. For websites that are not so many visitors or data, using shared hosting services can certainly help save money.

b. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is actually almost the same as the type of shared hosting. It’s just that the resources used are of higher quality. Using this hosting server, the client can use all resources while installing the existing application without having to share it with other clients. VPS is perfect for those of you who have a website with lots of visitors.

c. Cloud Hosting

The next type of hosting is Cloud hosting which has many servers. Each server is designed to be able to interact and connect with each other so that website performance is maintained. By using cloud hosting, there is nothing to worry about due to resource limitations or server instability.

d. Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting has a concept that is almost the same as the concept of shared hosting. Where only one server is used. However, a dedicated server allows for one website to use one server. No need to share with other sites or websites. With this type of hosting, the privacy of the website will be better protected. Because no other website uses the same server as you. Of course, the performance will also be better compared to other types of servers.