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There Is No Page to Plant Any Plants? Roof Garden Can Be A Solution

There Is No Page to Plant Any Plants? Roof Garden Can Be A Solution

Jan 10, 2019

If you have a house that is not too big but wants to make it look beautiful and green, then you can choose grass to make the right ornamental plant. Because the grass you plant will make your homepage look more beautiful. Make sure you take proper care of the grass. ReviewJam can see various types and reviews of lawn mowers that you need to cut grass as a form of treatment.

However, do you know that now the grass is not only planted in the yard but also in the roof garden? For some people who do not have enough land for the home page, they will choose to make a roof garden so that their home atmosphere remains fresh. There are several advantages when you have a rooftop garden in your home.

– Make cool rooms on the homepage
The presence of the roof garden reduces at least 10-25 percent of the hot air entering the house. Plants planted on the house absorb extreme hot air during the day and release it at night. As a result, the temperature in the room is lower 3-4 degrees Celsius compared to outdoor temperatures.

– As a protector of buildings
The roof garden is a heat insulator that reduces sunlight radiation effectively. Through this function, the roof garden protects the exterior structure of the house or building so as to avoid the risk of physical damage to buildings, such as weathering and roof leaks – when applied to waterproof and good drainage systems. In other words, the roof garden can extend the life of the building.

– Water retaining layer
Although it does not absorb water directly into the ground, the roof garden can be used to store 30 percent of rainwater. Wastewater that is held in the roof garden can be recycled for the continuity of other household activities, such as watering plants, sanitary systems, and cleaning vehicles.