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These Are 5 Good Reasons To Quit Your Current Job Before You Get A New One

These Are 5 Good Reasons To Quit Your Current Job Before You Get A New One

May 24, 2019

If you want to get out of your job and your office gives you the green light, of course, it’s something amazing. But, life does not always go as we expect, the Founder and CEO of Human Workplace, Liz Ryan, has five good reasons to get out of work without having to have a new job first. Liz said it was difficult to attract someone to a job. Especially if the person hates work and himself to be there. “You must listen to your own body. It is smart and sharp quite these things,” she said. On the other hand, you should check out directgov jobs if you’re looking for a new job my online job centre.

1. Security

Your security must be a priority. If you are not safe with your work, you better get out. You must get out of a dangerous situation. If you experience sexual violence at your place of work, notify management and HR. But, don’t expect you to be protected if you only report this condition without being accompanied by the next step.

2. Health

Health is more important than the sustainability of your career. If your work makes you sick or whatever, it’s better to go out to rest to gather energy and look for other jobs.

3. Balance

When your work disrupts your balance of life, you cannot wait to get out until you get a job that meets your expectations. If so, you can just look for part-time jobs that can get you out of your old job.

4. You are ready to end it, but you are not ready to start it.

This reason might be used to decide to leave work, but not yet get a new “grip”. You can take a break to get rid of fatigue from the routine that you went through at an old job.

5. You are not strong

You may be tired of your old job. The first step is to escape from a situation like this to restore yourself. Your body best understands your current condition. Ask yourself. “Do I have to find work in these conditions or do I have to recover first?” If you can find a job before leaving an old job, it’s amazing.