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These Are Some Roof Design Houses That Are Now Widely Used

These Are Some Roof Design Houses That Are Now Widely Used

Aug 29, 2018

In a building, especially a house, the roof is indeed an element that must be treated and even the right material for the house you occupy must be chosen. this is none other than for your own convenience. For installations that you cannot do alone, the services of roofing contractors Arlington will greatly help you in installing the roof and you will receive maximum results from the installation.

In the present, there are many roof designs that you can certainly choose and you adjust to the type and shape of your house. There are several roof designs currently used by many people. Some of the designs in question are

1. The roof of the house with a pyramid design
To apply a pyramid model roof design, calculate the length, width, and height so that each side of the roof must be done carefully and precisely.
Many architectures suggest using this type of roof on the part of the house that has a small portion of the land area. This roof model consists of more than four fields in the same shape. The shape of the building plan can be in the form of 5, 6, or 8.

2. House roof with mansard design
The roof design of this house seems to consist of two roofs that look stacked or multilevel. The roof type of the mansard house is a four-sided roof design in which there are two slopes each on the side of the roof, generally used in Europe and most widely used in France. In terms of aesthetics, the roof design of this house is very beautiful and more varied than the roof designs in general.

3. The roof of the house with the design of the back or scilion
Usually, the top edge of the roof design is leaning against the vertical wall. In addition to its attractive architectural characteristics, the roof design of this house also flows only to one place, usually to the side of the house. Many architects finally adopted the roof design of this house which was then combined with a gable.