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These Are Three Things That Will Affect The Quality Of CCTV Images In Your Home

These Are Three Things That Will Affect The Quality Of CCTV Images In Your Home

Oct 24, 2018

Because theft in a number of places is now increasingly dangerous and often targeting homes, many people finally choose to install CCTV cameras in their homes. To get it is not difficult because there are many places that sell these cameras, one of which is on Visit the website and get CCTV cameras or other security cameras that you need.

However, when you have got the CCTV camera that you need, it’s good for you to find out some of the factors that influence the image quality of the camera. Some of the factors in question are

1. Lighting around the CCTV
The first thing that must be considered is lighting, lighting that can affect CCTV images is the light coming from the lights around the point of the camera, it is advisable not to place CCTV too close to the lights because the worry that the CCTV camera results are not clear because of the light effect emitted by the lamp.

2. Placing the camera
The second thing is the placement of the camera, the placement of the camera is very important to note, the camera should not be placed too low from the surface of the floor, because it can be damaged by people who want to do evil or children. In addition to being placed in a high place that cannot be reached by hand, laying CCTV is highly recommended to be placed in a hidden area so that someone who wants to do evil and crime is unknown.

3. The surface on which the camera is installed
The last thing is that the surface of the wall and ceiling that will be installed by CCTV must be flat on the surface and the direction of the CCTV that wants to be monitored no one is blocking and may not be blocked by objects or walls that can interfere with CCTV monitoring. If the variety of surfaces that you want to install CCTV is not equal, then look for the top places that are not blocked by any objects so that CCTV can function effectively and function optimally.