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These Important Things Must Be Known By New Longboarders

These Important Things Must Be Known By New Longboarders

Apr 30, 2020

Holding the longboard both at the nose of the longboard (front end) and tail (rear end) is required when jumping from a rather high track. If it’s not held, it can break and it causes accidents during landing. However, the risk of breaking your longboard can be reduced if you buy the best longboard for cruising and doing tricks.

If the position is swooping up, then the tail is held. Meanwhile, when descending or landing, the nose board is held. For very high jump distances, the longboarder also holds the center of the board. Usually, when the right-hand holds the board, the left hand is used to adjust the balance.

When handling the board, other basic techniques such as bending the knee must also be done. It’s because the skill of holding the board needs to be done at such a short moment of hovering when jumping, so it takes training and long hours of longboarding.

Then, you also have to think about safety. Longboarding is an adventurous sport, but it is also quite risky because longboarders need to overcome bumps and obstacles without losing balance. The protective equipment prevents the longboarder from getting seriously injured if that person falls from the board.

Some equipment is so important, in order to protect you when you want to learn to ride this long skateboard. Equipment needed such as helmets, special longboard shoes, and, most importantly, knee pads. Thinking about safety is also included in the steps to start this sport

If you glide with your right foot forward, then you are a silly person and if you glide with your left foot forward then you are an ordinary person. There is a way to know whether you are a longboarder who can anticipate accidents or not.

One of the simplest methods to find out if you can be careful while longboarding is to ask someone to push you from behind without warning. From there you can see the ability of the feet that you will use. Now if you feel one of your feet is strong enough, then stick with that one. However, if the position is not good, then shift to the other leg for better safety.