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These Tips Make Narrow Apartments Look Extensive

These Tips Make Narrow Apartments Look Extensive

Sep 22, 2018

Although practical and more modern, it is undeniable that living in an apartment has its own drawbacks, namely the limited space available. But you don’t need to be confused, because there are actually tips to make a room that was originally narrow, so it feels relieved, want to know how? Here are some ways you can do. Before that, if you plan to buy furniture and want to know if the size matches your room, you can try using 360 photograpghy.

1. Selection of items needed

Before moving to your new apartment, first select items that are still needed. Ranging from clothing, electronic equipment, tools, and tableware. It will definitely be seen which items you use often and those that don’t. The rest of the items that are still feasible can be given to other people who need more or you sell.

2. Use portable furniture

Nowadays there are many portable furniture available with attractive designs, such as cabinets that can be folded or shelves that can be shifted or arranged as needed. As a result, you can save these furniture when not in use without consuming a lot of space.

3. Choose furniture by considering the shape of the room

Other tips for saving your apartment space are to make the most of every inch of your apartment. First, plan to buy furniture by paying attention to the corners of the room that can be filled. Minimize the purchase of furniture-furniture that cannot fill the corners of the apartment room to the full. This method is also useful to make your apartment look neater.

4. Take advantage of vertical space

Unlike the house room in general, the apartment space usually has a higher ceiling. You can use this to choose furniture that has an elongated shape like a bookcase. Furniture like this usually looks slimmer and gives a minimalist impression to your apartment space. Surely your apartment will look more stylish.