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Things you consider before buying a simple house

Things you consider before buying a simple house

Oct 10, 2018

What exactly do you have to consider when you want to buy a simple minimalist house? Here we provide the review for all of you. Aside from that, you can visit properti di lombok if you want to buy a house or land lots in Lombok.

First: Consider the Budget

You have to consider the budget. Sometimes a minimalist home budget is not much different from a luxury home. Then you have to be careful so you can get a simple house according to budget. Look for a cheap, simple house that suits your budget but is not cheap and able to make the eyes comfortable looking at them and can give a beautiful power to your heart and family when you occupy the house.

Second: Consider Physical Aspects

To get a house with a simple design model that is cheap, you clearly have to consider several physical aspects. One of them is about the dimensions of the minimalist house itself. Look for a house with a simple design model that does have a standard size. Thus, you will feel comfortable occupying it without feeling that the house is too narrow for you to live every day.

Third: Home Location

The next consideration is the consideration of the location of a simple house. This location problem often also affects prices. If the simple house that you occupy is located in the middle of the city, chances are that the price of a simple house will be the same as the price of a luxury house in the countryside. This is an important thing that is sometimes forgotten when going to buy it.

Fourth: Consider the aspect of the room

Then do not forget also for you to pay attention to aspects of simple house building. Some simple homes, for example, offer very little space. While some other simple houses provide a lot of space in small dimensions. Consider your need for a simple home space that you want from the beginning you get an offer.

Fifth: Installment Period

Another consideration about a simple minimalist home is a consideration of the period of the house’s installments. This is important when you have a very limited budget. Look for a simple home design credit offer that is in accordance with your monthly financial income.