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This is the Symptoms of Herpes Activation Based on the Virus That Strikes Someone

This is the Symptoms of Herpes Activation Based on the Virus That Strikes Someone

Sep 12, 2018

Herpes is indeed one of the diseases that must be avoided because it will adversely affect your overall health. To avoid this from happening, all you have to do is take the right supplements. one of them can be found at With the right supplements, you can handle the disease properly too.

There are several symptoms caused by the herpes virus and usually, the symptoms will depend on the virus that attacks someone. Some symptoms based on the virus that appears are

1. HSV 1
Symptoms that can be caused by HSV 1 infection or oral herpes are:
– Beginning with fever, muscle aches, and weakness.
– Pain, itching, burning or stabbing at the site of infection.
– Then blisters arise, namely skin lesions such as blisters that break and dry out in a few days.
– The broken blister causes pain with pain. When it happens in the mouth, it can interfere with eating.

2. HSV 2
– Female sex.
– Changing sexual partners.
– Has a low immune system.
– Having sexually transmitted diseases other than herpes.
– Having sex at a young age.

3. VZV
A person is more susceptible to varicella-zoster virus infection if:
– Under 12 years of age.
– Experiencing immune system problems, both due to illness and drugs.
– Have experienced direct contact with chickenpox sufferers.
– Work or do activities in schools or special facilities for children.
– Live with children.
If someone has had chickenpox before and is cured, the person’s risk of having chickenpox is reduced again due to immunity. Immune against varicella-zoster virus can also be obtained through vaccination.

Symptoms caused by the virus are different depending on the virus that attacks someone. Because the herpes virus has various types and may attack different people. this is what makes you have to be aware of the various viruses that exist and can be a symptom of herpes that can interfere with your overall health.