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This Knee Injury That Often Occurs

This Knee Injury That Often Occurs

Mar 23, 2020

Keep in mind that knee injuries are one of the most common injuries. Management of knee injuries can be done with a simple treatment that requires surgery, this depends on how severe the knee injury is experienced knee specialist los angeles. If you have a knee injury, consult a doctor immediately to get professional treatment, you can see a knee specialist los angeles.

The knee can get injured due to various things, usually due to physical activities such as sports and then falling or bumping into something. There are several types of knee injuries and knowing the type of knee injury can make the treatment process easier. What are the most common types of knee injuries?

1. Sprained or sprained
Sprains or sprains in the knee often occur when you have a knee injury. The sprained knee is the ligament or connective tissue in the knee. This connective tissue serves to protect the bones and joints and determine the range of motion of the bones, therefore ligaments or connective tissue are flexible and flexible.

Sprained or sprained knees usually result from several sports such as soccer and basketball, where athletes often experience the wrong ‘landing’ when jumping and moving legs quickly. The symptoms caused are aches and pains when walking and redness around the sprained area.

2. Meniscus injury (knee joint pads)
The meniscus is a knee joint that is shaped like a ring and has a role to prevent the knee from colliding and avoid the knee bone rubbing against other bones. This happens due to doing sports, where the knee hits something.

3. Broken bones
Knee fractures result from trauma, such as falls, accidents, or injuries during sports. A broken bone is a kneecap bone. If you experience a broken bone, the patient is recommended to take medical procedures such as surgery.

4. Overuse
Overuse occurs when the knee is used too often and then disturbances and problems such as patellofemoral pain syndrome are more common in runners and bicycles. Pain that appears usually feels around the knee or the back of the knee and the severity of the pain varies. This pain will be exacerbated by heavy activity and vice versa will heal if adequate rest.